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Recent content by El_

  1. El_

    The Game Is Out, Time To Discuss

    Arceus... This whole release reminds me a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda's.... Not sure which was worse. Tis an issue of the modern gaming industry as a whole. I'm not expecting much from any hypothetical DP remakes due to this, perhaps they will be on par with ORAS at best. A brand new...
  2. El_

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    Special DLC raid boss events I can definitely see happening in the future, and as someone said they could add new Pokemon into the Gen this way without fuss and no longer worrying about datamines. They could even add in regional touchups on a few cut Pokemon if they choose to. Regardless of...
  3. El_

    Non-Story Pokémon SwSh Datamine Thread (SPOILER WARNING, It's Finally Here!)

    Legit looks like a Mass Effect Reaper. Just as just as broken as one, too. Near 1200 BST? I thought this game was about.... balance? :LOL:
  4. El_

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    Thankfully, Unova was ahead of its time in terms of American culture, giving a theme based around royalty, dragons, and (Poke) political ideology. Like they knew winter was coming... In terms of a 3rd version.... no. Absolutely no, not with everything I've been seeing on reviews, game issues...
  5. El_

    Thoughts on Galarian Ponyta?

    Glad I wasn't the only one annoyed that it wasn't Fae. The lore of forest life energy fits that typing more than it fits the Psychic typing, which is more associated with mental abilities or mindful prowess. If Ponyta "sat" (knelled?) in secluded concentration or something in order to become...
  6. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I think it was a missed opportunity to have that Pokemon in the Unova dex, and not have Team Plasma utilize it. Even worse that the Shadow Triad actually did use Accelgor in BW2, and the line's evolution is based on the idea of jousting. That and not gallantly riding on Zebstrikas, but meh. As...
  7. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    They probably intentionally wanted it to be a joke/gimmick mon. Completely play up the whole Santa theme with only having present. Oddly it did get Drill Peck last gen. The bigger beta version may of had a better BST, but I can't say for sure.
  8. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Well, it was a wholly different type at the time (I believe Water/Ice) right? That doesn't defend the decision, but I could understand a little. Still liked the bulky Santa more. Also, a little bit of research makes me convinced now that is definitely suppose to be Galarian Delibird: (if rumor...
  9. El_

    Thoughts on Sirfetched?

    Design is cool, but Troll Freak does what they do best by having Meteor Assault be a hyperbeam-esque ( presumably Fighting) typed move. Maybe the base power is higher than 150, which could see usage and not be pointless. Why not have its signature be a new high crit fighting type move that...
  10. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Exist. I don't actually dislike em :wynaut: Just having fun with how smug he looks. It's pretty obvious that is a hint at Morpeko, and it is the one thing that gives this any sign of legitimacy. I suppose they could have instead put Pikachu itself in Clefable's place, but it does the job...
  11. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Stupid smug asshole onion knight duck. Next one honestly needs to be something that could benefit like Farfetch'd. As much as I'd rather Dunsparce, didn't the Affleck leak mention a spiked Meowth evolution? Or was that a different leak?
  12. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Change it to Wyvereon to match the others, but really I can't see Eevee becoming a Wyvern styled dragon like Noivern is. In any case, Sir'fetched is likely to be revealed soon before anything else, assuming that's what the glitched site mon is.
  13. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I had not seen this interview before, and they specifically mentioned story when referencing the game's quality? Well, that's by itself fascinating I suppose, but I do see the intent. I guess if Eevee did receive any evo this gen, it would make more sense to treat it as a Galarian style form...
  14. El_

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I honestly don't view that rumor's evolution method as dissimilar to how Sylveon evolves, which required a set Affection rate introduced in its Generation's new mechanic. I suppose Dynamax is more similar to Gen 6's megas rather than Pokemon Aime though, but I wouldn't toss the rumor purely...
  15. El_

    New Pokemon Species Discussion

    I wouldn't mind different types of tea as well, like Green tea in a different skin, a Darjeeling type or Builder's would be nice too. Assuming they'd want to go all out with the tea.