• Saph continues his journey through Galar. Watch here.
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  • There is a user named " Cheese and pudding " is just vandlising the articles on bulbapedia. I warned him twice but still he isn't ready to listen. He messed up buizel's article four times + he messed up ash's buizel article. Can you stop him please?
    Sorry for bugging you here.
    MSN, add me: pika-pi hotmail com
    Tell me what's your address so I'll know it's you, I don't accept random people XD
    Hi, thanks for the friend request XD
    If you need any help with Bulbapedia (or just want to talk) I'll be happy to help! ^_^
    Hey, I saw the edits on BP... so we're honestly canging Blue to Green, vise-versa, and changing Special to Adventures? *cries*
    Since I can't PM you, I'd let you know there was a reason that the manga stubs do not have the {{Project manga notice}}.

    There is another site i go on which is Doctor Who Online and they have a game section with games including hangman, guess the quote. I was wondering
    if it was possible to have games like that on here
    I don't have it yet. But I'm getting it on or around this Friday. I plan to register as "BetaCyndaquil".

    Also I heard from PR that my old avatar gave you a headache. :p
    Ok. I have money. I can spare some cash for the cabal party. I just love these cabal parties. And don't forget that the next week after this one is our summer kick off cabal party, so bring our usual cabal decorations.
    Sure, I can get the pizza for our cabal party. I'll just get two larges of everything. And I can get non-alcoholic drinks for our cabal party tomorrow. It'll be a rockin cabal party with alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.
    Ouch, got my license to purchase beer taken away...got pulled over on the way home from the last cabal party...Deth is coming to our cabal party, so he can...
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