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    Read the rules! Find most of the information on UPN. That's where some exclusive areas are. There is more than one place to not post signatures... that's all I can say!
    Good poem xD For the moment I don't find the test so hard, but I don't had time to work on it recently because I have exams.
    And felicitation to you!

    p.s. Can you give me some answers? :D
    How is the testing? I hope to see you in the Arcane realm! I'll send you creepy love letters... haha...

    I made a poem. I want to give it to someone.

    Roses are red, violets are blue-
    wait, if they're blue, why are they called violets?
    I hope you pass! Keep trying, even if it takes you four times. I'll see you in the arcane realm if you do pass!
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