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Recent content by Ellron

  1. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    If what you mean is that you use your brother's game to hatch the shiny Pokemon, then trade them to yourself, whether or not you consider them to be your own Pokemon is really up to you. If you think they have to come from your own game for it to count, then that's your decision.
  2. Ellron

    Your Pokémon Team (Legendary, Fav.Type, Ultimate)

    I'll be honest, I had a really hard time with this because I really like so many different Pokemon and all the types, and my favorites aren't always the same, nor do I always want to use them. So not all of these are necessarily my favorites, but the ones I like best together. Anyway, here...
  3. Ellron

    Alola Variant Pokemon: Thoughts and Predictions

    According to Exeggutor's page on Bulbapedia, there's an old Japanese TCG boxart that shows an elongated Exeggutor. It only shows its upper body, but it's kinda cool to see. I doubt it was any kind of intentional foreshadow, but it's possible that it could have been inspiration for Alolan...
  4. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    So the VC Gen I games have been out for a while now. Does anyone know if they have all the glitches of the original Gen I games, or did they get cleaned up when Nintendo/Game Freak ported them to the 3DS?
  5. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Any idea what that set period of time length is? I haven't been able to get my 3DS on wifi for a few months now, and my pass probably expired sometime in February or March.
  6. Ellron

    Were there any basic NPC trainers that gave you some trouble?

    There's this one Ace Duo in HGSS on the way to the Safari Zone with a Magmar and an Electibuzz. I severely underestimated them and they wiped my whole team in a Nuzlocke...
  7. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    But the problem is that the Mystery Dungeon games operate on a turn-based style in which you always move first. In the past games they had no use for the speed stat, so there simply wasn't one. But one exists in this game, so I'm curious as to what it does. February? Dang, you have my...
  8. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    What exactly does the speed stat do in Super Mystery Dungeon?
  9. Ellron

    Buff or Nerf (Pokémon)

    Buff--Make it work even if the user faints from iron barbs and the like. It doesn't even make sense that it wouldn't. Flygon
  10. Ellron

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Has Game Freak given a reason for why they didn't add the Battle Frontier to ORAS? That was one thing that really bothered me, because that Battle Frontier was my favorite, and I would have actually had a chance at tackling it because EV training is easier.
  11. Ellron

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    ^^This. But really, I agree with you. If they were to make another Kanto game I would want to see something different and innovative, maybe some sort of alternate story because of the Mega Universe? In terms of DPPt remakes, I still enjoy the old ones and I find them good enough that I won't...
  12. Ellron

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    I know Gen VI has been out for almost two years now, but I have a question about the "new" Exp. Share. I know with the old held item, IVs for battling a Pokemon were given to the holder of EXP. Share as well. With the new version, do all party Pokemon get the IVs?
  13. Ellron

    Speculation Generation VI: The Future

  14. Ellron

    was primal dialga in mystery dungeon a hint of what was to come with primals in oras

    Re: was primal dialga in mystery dungeon a hint of what was to come with primals in o I understood that reference!
  15. Ellron

    Paranormal Activity ORAS Edition

    That must be what the Pikachu Detective game is all about!! You've just solved that mystery! *shamelessly acknowledges bad pun*:cool: