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  • Hey, late reply, but I watched Arslan and I LOVE IT. Daryun is my fav character omg and I really love how the story is like :3 Thanks for the recommendation!

    and I totally ship Daryun with Arslan
    This is like 2 years old but YAS YAS glad you ship them together XD
    Hi! I want to ask about Arslan Senki. I watched the OP, and it looked really good (both the animation and the song). What is it exactly about? and are there a lot of shippings?
    It is xD or it was, I don't eally now >-< like I put up the theme at the start of april thinking it would come out then but I think I may end up changing it.
    It's supposed to be from the new one that is suppoed to come out soon D: but it hsn't and that makes me cry.
    Ooh ... I see. ^^ Spring break? How long will that last?

    I've been doing just fine. c:
    Oh. Good ^^ I know one of my other friends thought it was a bit nutty. xD

    It's okay, I understand. You seem always busy to be honest. xD
    I see. That's good at least. ^^ Still, it wouldn't seem like a bad idea. I mean, who knows? What if there's a blackout? I hear our power grid is rather vulnerable ... I also hear that last winter, because of all the coal plants they closed down and because of the alternative energy sources not providing the same amount of power, the grid was almost to the breaking point. If it reaches said breaking point this year ...

    Sorry if I sound crazy. xD I just think being prepared for the worst is a good idea. Not saying the worst will happen, but better safe than sorry, right? ^^
    It could be. I actually haven't heard much about it lately xD Though I know gas prices are going down, so yay~

    But hey, having an emergency fund -- and being prepared in general -- is never bad. I know California has lots of fires and earthquakes, things like that ... do you have a disaster survival kit or something like that?
    Sounds like a good idea to me. A latent gift xD

    Plus with the way the economy has been lately ... yeah.
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