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  • No, it's to live closer to my aunt. It's something my mom has been wanting to do and since I still live with her, I pretty much have to go with her xD I don't mind it, though I'll miss Massachusetts :| Good news!! I didn't get the TRU Manaphy from that person I was telling you about, but I was able to get it from someone else for free :D Since I essentially have what I was looking for before going offline, I'll probably spend a little less time on the forums from here on out to make sure I'm fully prepared for the move. I'm still going to get on daily though to check comments and maybe make a trade here and there until I go offline xD

    (Sorry for the long two part comment D:)
    I don't really mind trading shinies, but there are some days I kind of regret trading that Machoke away. It was the only Shiny that I had that really meant something to me because I caught it. When I saw someone was offering Arceus, I felt like I had to give up something to get something and it was really the only thing of worth I had, so I figured it would be worth it because Arceus seems like a rare Pokemon to get. Since it was my first month on the forums, I hadn't exactly realized the extent of cloning on here. I realized that people did it and it was considered legit, but I realize now that if you get an event from someone, it's almost always because it's been cloned. Had I realized that before, I might have been more hesitant to trade the Machoke, which by the way became a Machamp after I traded it xD But yeah, some days I wish I still had it :/
    Oh okay :O I hope you do :D That's very unfortunate :/ The only Shiny I've ever encountered was Machoke. I don't have it anymore though because I traded it for a Michina Arceus. Kind of. I'll still be living on the east coast of the United States, but just further down. I currently live in Massachusetts and will be moving to North Carolina. Sunday is the leave date. Yes, I am xD I'm doing filler trades at the moment, but waiting for one in particular. Someone is supposed to be trading me a TRU Manaphy, but they're taking a long time to get it to me. I'm worried I won't get it before Friday, which is when my Internet should be shutting off :/
    Oh, that's cool you're taking those languages :O How do like them? Two shinies?! That's pretty sweet :O How many shinies did you find in the previous games? Haha, yeah that makes sense. I would have to think Nintendo would call it gray :D Good luck on the Winter fanfic competition! :D I'd try one of those competitions they're holding, but I don't think I'll have any time for them :/ I'll be moving later this week and I'm trying to complete as many pending trades as possible because I might be offline for a little bit :|
    I know! That would be totally awesome. Yeah, you should. You may like it. Haha, you're right though. It's going to be hard to take a break from White just to play it xD Are you also going to get an English version? Or will you be pretty much set with your Japanese copy?
    That's still great though. Better that than nothing :D I'd definitely have fun playing some of the older games too. I'd like to hunt some of the older ones down and play them if I can :D I haven't played any of the Pokemon Ranger games either, but I'm interested in checking them out. They look like they could be fun.
    I know! That would be cool :O Ohhh, so wait...does that mean you know Japanese? Or do you just go with the flow? Aw, that stinks. I for one would welcome the change. I think it's great seeing Game Freak trying to bring fresh ideas to a game that has been generally the same since its inception. I've only played Diamond though, so maybe my opinion doesn't mean anything, haha xD
    That's really good to hear! I'm so excited to play it, but I'm going to wait until it releases in the States first. I'm planning on getting Black and my brother is going to get White; that way we'll be able to help each other with version exclusives. I recall from a previous conversation that you have a sister. Did she get one too? If so, did she get the opposite version? By the way, I'm surprised to hear it's being treated critically. That's too bad :< That's not going to stop me from enjoying immensely though xD :D
    Can we move the trade to 11:20-25 AM GMT-8, Sunday? SOrry for late notice, my DS won't connect so I have to restart the modem.
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