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  1. emilsn91

    US/UM Trailers and News Discussion

    The new evil team looks cool. Robotic themed. Travelling through worm holes and stuff? Looks a little too gimicky to me. The new UBs? I like the Adhesive one. Looks alien like and cool. The other ones are mehh. The new feature where we battle the UBs at their habitats. Cool. :) But come on GF...
  2. emilsn91

    Ultra Wormholes, Multiverse Theories + Timeline Data

    This is too complicated for me to understand. :P But I do have one comment.. Due to Pokemon being a mainly childrens game and the concept pretty simple. I do not think that Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company have put this much thought into the story.
  3. emilsn91

    Most disappointing Alola Pokémon?

    Of the ones I have used I found Vikavolt insanely unsatisfying. First off I wanted him as a constant part of my team, but because of it only evovling on Poni Island. I did not use him for 80% of the game. Secondly soo slow. Another I recently went with for good laughs was Aloan Golem. I had my...
  4. emilsn91

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Pokemon Developer Hiring for a Console Game - IGN There you go. :)
  5. emilsn91

    Your regular team in Sun and Moon

    I am currently playing through moon, and I am about to enter the Pokemon League. But first my Sun Team 1. Decidueye 2. Lycanroc (midday) 3. Vicavolt 4. Salazzle 5. Hariyama (He was not planned, but he was so useful at times). After Post-game I ended up with Salamance instead of Hariyama and...
  6. emilsn91

    How do you rank Sun & Moon?

    I agree with you one very important thing: The game was fun while it lasts. The journey was great, but after the main game. You put the game away and forget about it. I agree with you on the second island being the peak of the game, the other islands felt short. The pacing is off in the game...
  7. emilsn91

    Lillie's Speculative Pokemon Team [Kind of Spoiler]

    Wee! Fun topic. I like the idea of a moon or sun team as suggested previously which indicate an Umbreon or Espeon. That being said I believe she has a Squirtle. It is a good choice imo. 1. Blastoise 2. Umbreon/Espeon 3. Ninetales 4. Lycanroc (Midday) 5. Exeggutor 6. Dragonite That way she...
  8. emilsn91

    Opinions on Poké Ride

    Best idea ever :) As many of you point out. Soaring would be a nice addetion and maybe being able to use alternative pokemon for riding. So many water-types I would love to use instead of lapras. :) But a much needed change )
  9. emilsn91

    Over Sun and Moon

    Well I am evovling and doing Island scans. But I too feel that the game is pretty boring after the main story and Looker quests. :) On a more positive note. I did play for around 30-40 hours before completing the main game, so I think it is worth it.
  10. emilsn91

    Least Favorite Character [Spoilers]

    Can we talk about Rotom? He is like the microsoft help agent years ago..
  11. emilsn91

    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    I find the Pokedex a little lacking of Pokemon. :) I think it should have been a little larger. :)
  12. emilsn91

    Post-Game (Spoilers)

    I find the battle tree a lot harder than I first anticipated.. I have also been spending a lot of time on Pokemon Pelago and QR scanner .. :) The QR scanner is tiresome, but pretty nice none the less.
  13. emilsn91

    Gen VII Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Spoiler Free)

    EDIT: Bonus question: Any other trainers you can battle against on repeat except the elite four?
  14. emilsn91

    Post-Game (Spoilers)

    Oh god.. the zygarde cells of course.. Yikes there are so many.. :P I have no idea which routes I have found them all in.. The pokedex is actually a thing I have never completed. :P
  15. emilsn91

    Gen VII Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Spoiler Free)

    Maybe I have not understood this correctly, but in order for this to work does it mean that I did not catch Solgaleo in the first place or are there two Cosmogs in the game?