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Emma Prescott
Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2017 at 4:14 PM
Sep 3, 2013
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September 2
NOT New York City

Emma Prescott

Vengeful Ferret, from NOT New York City

Emma Prescott was last seen:
Jun 28, 2017 at 4:14 PM
    1. AnimePsyclone
      Cutest bulba. I love bulbasaur!
      1. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        Well, he might be gone soon if I can get around a problem with uploading a new avatar!
        Mar 27, 2017
      2. AnimePsyclone
        Dont move him!
        Mar 27, 2017
      3. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        All good things must come to an end at some point.
        Mar 27, 2017
    2. Flaze
      Hey, how have you been?
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      2. Flaze
        That's kind of me right now with writing xD I'm on my last break from school before my last term but I only have a week left and...I haven't done much of anything :(

        and I was gonna ask you if you wanted to erad my fic actually xD
        Aug 17, 2016
      3. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        I've been told a lot of good things about it, but at the same time, I've been hesitant to start on what's already released since I'm not the biggest fan of the genre you've chosen to work with. I'll give a few chapters a look and see if I can get immersed in it.
        Aug 17, 2016
      4. Flaze
        Well, I'm still glad if you can give it a shot xD you can start with the one I just posted too if you want :(

        But still thanks regardless.
        Aug 18, 2016
    3. diamondpearl876
      Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the vote for Survival Project!
      1. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        Sure thing. Been silently enjoying it for awhile now, figured I'd give it a nod in some way.
        Jun 20, 2016
        diamondpearl876 likes this.
    4. AceTrainer14
      Thank you for voting! I am very grateful. I hope you have a nice break from the interwebz
    5. poke trey
      poke trey
      Is it odd that both our birthdays are only a day from eachother? Also, loving the work I'm seeing with the designs and stories you're making keep at it girl!
      1. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        Curious yes, odd, not particularly. :P Thank you for taking notice of my stuff, it's always nice to get a bit of attention for the things I do!
        Jun 10, 2016
        poke trey likes this.
    6. AetherX
      The story behind it is mostly just that I don't take myself seriously. I suppose I could go on about how I don't feel like I really deserved the award, but honestly I just put Psyduck in there because I thought it would be funny.
      1. Emma Prescott likes this.
    7. Flaze
      Hey, how have you been kim :o
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      2. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        Actually, I've put in a solid six hours of writing already since getting some more sleep last night. I'm the type who will fight through exhaustion to lay the groundwork, then go back to fix the mistakes. There were plenty of spelling mistakes to fix last night, I wonder what else I may have messed up.
        Mar 27, 2016
      3. Flaze
        Well at least you're able to get it done easily.
        Mar 27, 2016
      4. Flaze
        Well at least you're able to get it done easily.
        Mar 27, 2016
    8. Lugion
      Hey KP, mind if I borrow a Storm Island character's name (sorta) for a minor character in this Zelda fic I'm doing?

      I'll probably change it once I think of something better, but I can't get "Lord Justiciar Reginald Kirkwood" out of my head.
      1. Emma Prescott
        Emma Prescott
        Sure, go for it.
        Feb 25, 2016
        Lugion likes this.
    9. Flaze
      You need some help with coming up with ideas for UCA?
    10. Flaze
      Oh, yeah that would be hard to really built a business on.
    11. System Error
      System Error
      Comments comments because these are overdue and I had half of them written before, though I'm close to finishing proper review!!
      - I just don't like Lumineon, that's all.
      - All the more reason why the R-Kit could be superior, I suppose!
      - Gym leader...eh. Not sure what to think of him, other than the fact that he's a bag of douches. You certainly crafted a memorable character, though.
      - Personal experience is always a benefit to accuracy...sometimes unfortunately. :/
      - You know, I figured something was off about Kimberly's surname. I forgot to recheck for whatever reason, though. She's definitely much better portrayed here for sure, though.
      - I'm just waiting for the spinoff with the grimy not-all-there person who's a good trainer and yet does not look after himself very well, who recovered his Pokemon because of that unwitting deception and swore an oath of vengeance against Team Rocket as a result of the day. And with his personality, it will be a painful one.
      - Heh, I actually did look into how fire works for a scene of my own once. Don't feel like verifying that at 11:30PM at night, though.
    12. Emma Prescott
      Emma Prescott
      My dad is into electrical, heating, cooling, mechanical repair and home maintenance. While it would sound like he'd have more than enough to do (which would keep me employed), his problem is that he doesn't expand his customer relations, so he's stuck with the same loyal customers who rarely have anything new for him to do.
    13. Flaze
      What did your father do?

      Yeah, School-s gotten pretty bad, but I only have a year left at least then I can move away from here.
    14. Flaze
      No, we're closing down. I work at my parent's office and we basically work for the bank calling people that owe debts, but things have gotten really expensive and the rent for the office has skyrocketted and they just increased employee salary to a really high amount that's hard for anyone that doesn't own a restaurant or any company that constantly produces a lot to pay so we decided to close. My parents are still going to work with their clients but I think for now I'll just focus on my studies >.<
    15. Flaze
      I've been on a break....for long enough xD; but I've been busy with school and work...won't have to deal with work for much longer though -w-;
    16. Flaze
      Hey there, how have you been?
    17. System Error
      System Error
      - How does Lars even afford to go on this thing?!?!?!! Okay, you give an explanation, but who pays him?
      - Dang, Guidance Direction setting Andrea up for getting hit with the friendzone stick.
      - Nice scene, though Kim's portrayal here...mmmm, I like it, but it just feels so different from her previous appearance. Maybe it's just the circumstances, though. But she's definitely much more ladylike.
      - This definitely does not seem like something Giovanni would approve of.

      - Endless battle of wits...physically? Ummm...
      - Weird, the goons aim for the trainers, and yet the higher up aims for the Pokemon.
      - Murder? Yes, this definitely is not something Giovanni would approve of. And yet Domino is here...
      - They have time to sort through all those balls in the middle of this?
      - Man, never considered how broken Wonder Guard could be in your fic with weaknesses almost thrown out the door until just now.
      - Why would Silph Co. even make something like that.
      - Melting the steel with flame doesn't work, but scratching it with flaming nails does?
      - Larson, you crazy, son. Also, Andrea kinda literally appears out of nowhere at the end.
      - Very good, action-y chapter.
      - So I take it given the Rocket comments, this is seven years after GSC and thefefore ten years since RBY?
    18. System Error
      System Error
      Comments comments:
      - Mmm, that is a good sign, setting up a main rivalry. Still, one downside: it tends to make things a bit predictable, since they'll invariably meet and usually in the finals.
      - Nothing wrong with name references. I have a Dean Howard, for example. >_>
      - As long as that fish isn't Lumineon, looking forward to it.
      - Heh, funny you should bring that up regarding common species. I was planning something myself where Pokemon are only "discovered" when the Pokemon Authority does so, hence the Pokedex numbering order that makes absolutely no sense. Like, did they not know about Hoenn until someone decided to travel southwest a lot? Without crossing over whatever's between that and Johto? I cut it though, because of how the fic's world evolved.

      - With a name let Jet Barrin, I was expecting some over-the-top action hero-y type. Maybe something close to Mike Haggar. Not...this unique specimen.
      - Dunno what Storm League is like, but if the odds of beating the easiest are like 12% even for a great trainer, I wonder how abandonded the tournament is/how impossible the Elite Four are.
      - I'VE GOT...TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE. WON'T YOU...PACK YOUR BAGS WITH ME TO-wait, why did they give her two?
    19. System Error
      System Error
      - I double-checked for the hell of it, and actually, Ansen never said she likes Andrea's style before.
      - Hm, so it's probably the Rockets messing with the equipment, from the briefing.
      - A bit weird for Andrea to be calling her instructor by her first name
      - Captain Daniels? Why did I first think he's supposed to be Jack Daniels? I think my wires are crossed.
      - "You never know, you might end up separated from your friend here and you might need them." <- DUN DUN DUN FORESHADOWING
      - Who would build a museum up here? It'd get no business.
      - Funny that she says that strategy, since ungrounded Flying types are extremely weak to Electric attacks in the games. Still, a very nice strategy.
      - Nice throwback to that one episode of Pokemon with the Electabuzz, the Scyther, and Ash "Tom Ato" Ketchup
      - Quite possibly the weirdest capture I've seen in a fic. Just letting the Pokemon wear itself out, then giving it to someone else.
      - Thought of all those hacking scenes in the movies when Andrea was fixing the machine at the end. That and how some people are technologically inept and can't fix the easiest to fix things.

      - If Andrea mistook temperature for time, then what did she set the time to?
      - that goofy uniform <- I'm now imagining like Crawdaunt cosplay or something. That some weirdo thought was a good idea at all.
      - I'd like to imagine it wouldn't be that hard to analyze that, it's probably from Moltres because of the radiant fire and proximity to a volcano.
      - Not much to say about this one, simply an obligatory transition from one plot thread to another.
    20. System Error
      System Error
      Responses responses....
      - It takes a certain kind of character to make a single main character work. Andrea might be the type from an interest standpoint, but certainly the lack of travel skills is a thing.
      - So I take it the USSR is still a thing, huh? How alternate history changes us...
      - Unique Lapras was neat.
      - I see @ names. Hope ya can find the right one.
      - I've only written two tournaments formally so far, but I find the trick with them is to set up drama and create interesting matchups. Graze over things if you need to. Like in one I did pen, though I set someone up as the biggest threat, I also made it clear it means he has a bullseye on his back. And one tournament round that I've planned but haven't penned features the following: a man on an incredible hot streak vs. not the best but only person able to catch him / a tough to-the-point battler vs. an unpredictable one who's always bringing surprises, both varied in Pokemon roster / two storied rivals who hate each others' guts / the only two who've never faced each other, both hungry upstarts who defied their seeding. All of them could go either way and end up close matches. They're definitely tricky to get down, and things like that require a lot of setting up beforehand, but I feel they turn out REALLY satisfying if you can pull them off right.
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  • About

    September 2
    NOT New York City
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation IV (DS)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Aerodactyl / Ptera
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Favorite Region:
    Sinnoh / Shin'ō
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Goldenrod City Plain Badge


    It's easy to be a saint in paradise. Out there, all the problems haven't been solved yet. Out there, there are no saints -- just people.
    ~ Benjamin Sisko