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  • Hey, I just noticed, in your Fizzy Bubbles registration post, you forgot one thing- the post's title has to be "Bulbagarden".
    Hey, just wanted to see if we could schedule our randoms tournament battle. I'm free tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and early-midafternoon Friday, and then all day Saturday. After that, my schedule gets a bit dicey. Let me know what works for you!
    According to both Bublagarden and Serebii Body Slam for Aggron is a breeding/egg move.
    Hey, each park post need to be 500 characters, so you have to fix that before I can post. Also you can control your Pokemon and tell them what to do and how they do it.
    I saw you posted looking for a battle in the Trainer station.

    In the rules you post electric terrain, however you cannot start with it.

    When battling, battlers may choose a terrain (bar Electric/Grassy/Misty Terrain). The terrain only affects the moves

    That means you cannot start with those ones, so you will need to change those rules, along with Dp, it should say XY open as those are the new rules.

    If you want to know more feel free to ask me or ref.
    Hello. I also noticed you joined the URPG, and I'd love to have a forum battle with you. It can be a 2 vs. 2 since we.both have two Pokemon. Have fun, and enjoy the URPG!
    Hello and welcome to URPG! I was looking at your stats and I would like to mention that Pokémon may have both their normal abilities (such as Aron's Rock Head and Sturdy) and decide for each battle which they would like to use, however Hidden Abilities (such as Torchic's Speed Boost) must be purchased at the Pokémart for $5,000 before being usable. Once you purchase it, you may freely pick between normal and hidden abilities in the same way mentioned above.

    If you send me an IM on AIM (my screenname is MewAshMew) I'll add you to the URPG Chats there and answer any remaining questions you may have. You can also ask questions by VM/PMing me or another URPG Staff on forums or posting in the General Chat thread in the URPG subforum.

    I hope this helps, and again welcome to URPG and enjoy!
    I saw you put in a starter request in the URPG, if you need anything help or have questions feel free to ask me I'm always around.

    Welcome to the URPG ^_^
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