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  • Considering I got your code and info off the table on the first post, and not off that end of that thread, I didn't see that. No need to be a prick.
    I added your friend code, as I need a friend safari with Eevee and I hope you will add me as well. 2234 - 7159 - 4701.
    I added you to my 3DS friend list.
    My Code is: 3411-1627-7859
    Name: Sebastian or Durgo like u whant
    Many thanks
    Hello. I added you :) You can add me back if you'd like.

    3DS Friend Code: 1676-4948-1757
    3DS Name: Joe
    Trainer Name: Joe
    Pokemon X

    Also, please let me know what kind of safari I have so that I may update my post on the fc thread. Thank you.
    Hi, Added you to my friend codes! My stuff:

    Name: Kia
    I think my Safari is Ghost type.
    Hello, there!
    I just added you to my list, if you want to add me as well my fc is 3411-0920-6354 and I'm Gregguru. Hope to have a nice time! :)
    I added you to my friends list. Here's my info.

    Code: 0001-4606-5590
    Name: Charles
    Trainer Name:Charles
    Trainer ID:11331
    Version: X with Elite 4 beaten.
    Hi! How are you?

    I added you 'cause I like that your Friend Safari has Eevees in it. Here's my FC if you want it.

    FC: 2337 3508 1976

    My friend Safari is Grass, and it has Quilladins in it, among to other Pokemon. :)
    Thanks for the advice and offer, Emp. I think Bismark will be staying with me. There are many grand adventures down the road and he'll be a welcome companion. See you along the road.
    Insert generic greeting here.
    It's Kasai. This username fits me better. How're you doing?
    Hey Empoleon Dynamite, since you are one of the two moderators online, and the other (DCM) doesn't appear to be active, I was wondering if you could help me. I need a moderator to edit this post (Kibago's) to cut out the first line, as the game that post was made in will be very negatively affected by it.

    Could you maybe do that, please?
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