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  • Answering here in order to not go off topic:

    I am a casual fan of some other franchises, but I would only buy an expensive home console like the Switch for Pokémon. And only for a VERY GOOD Pokémon game. If LGPE turns out to be very good *by my standards*, great. If not, I would skip it. Same with any future Ponemon game for the Switch...
    And it's not like I will spend any less time playing Pokémon games if I don't buy LGPE and a Switch. I simply realized it's a better idea spending said time to play the fantastic classic games, instead of the new games with nice graphics and nothing to do in the post game.
    Hey!! .. if you still seek one, i have a leftover XYZ Zygarde Event adamant 31/×/31/×/31/× ... i don't need anything special for it, just happy to help ^^ ... added you aswell
    Hey, sure! My FC is 2148-9374-7797. What time are you usually on? I can try to meet you online so that you can unlock all 3.

    I've just added you btw! :)
    Gah I must've just gone to bed before you messaged back xD, but this will be easy, I should be up the same time today, or earlier, whatever works. :p
    Heyyy, I can get online now. So if you're on too, just shoot me a PM and I'll get online on Pokemon X!
    Very true. He'd probably end up with one of the fossils as well (Origins showed him with Kabutops), as well as some legendaries and pokemon from in-game trades.
    Yeah I do, I just have X and my character is dressed like Red :p (Red logo cap, red variant of the standard jacket, orange bag, light blue pants, medium short brown hair)
    I do currently use that team against people, right now I've been using Mew and Mewtwo instead of Venusaur and Squirtle because I'm still training my Ivysaur and Wartortle.
    Did you notice that you double posted in the In-game team review thread? Hurry and consolidate them into a single post with the edit button before the admins find out!
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