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  • Oh, I geddit.

    I'm in a really healthy and wonderful relationship, I'm no longer self-loathing, I'm doing well in school, and life is finally starting to get better. Plus, only a year of compulsory school left.
    I have absolutely no idea what a techie is.

    Yeah, it's been great! Better than ever before.
    Well a lot has happened, but I wouldn't count as it "being up to much"... haha. How about you?
    Ah, okay. Screw those damn tests anyway. Who gives a shit about state requirements?

    Oh, cool! I'd guess...that's a pretty good gun? xD Sorry I'm kind of uneducated in weaponry.
    Three in total, however all three are faster and more complicated than the first part. Not by much though. Give me a week, and I'll have 'em all down.
    That's good. Nothing really. Life's been boring. Marching band starts at the end of the week, though.
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