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  • Will you be online on Sunday morning your time. It will be sunday night here and I believe would be convenient for both of us.
    Yeah I messed it up because Lord Clowncrete was updating his tables and I didn't realze it. I'll update you onto it.
    haha. I'm araid that there is nothing I'm able to do. It is the player's own responsibility to complete their games.
    I'm gonna be online pretty much all day starting now, so whenever just log on to the Bulbagarden server and we can battle.
    Haha thank you. Sorry about that mild bitching about weather btw, I was just a tad frustrated because I can't seem to find a non-weather opponent these days.
    No, I don't have any intention to do that. This is because B2W2 are the games where the Generation 5 Pokemon first received their move tutors, so it is easier to gauge if they benefit from them. This is unlike the previous Generations, who gets their moves tutors earlier than that. One complaint I hear about Generation 5 Pokemon is how their movepools are scarce, but I thought it's not fair to compare them to previous Generations due to the fact that the ones from the past got Move Tutors to widen their movepools. That inspired me to do the rating.

    There are actually some changes in the way Move Tutors are taught, like the new moves (Drill Run and Wonder Room) and very rarely, compatibility change. Did you know Sableye can't learn Pain Split this Generation (thereby making it incompatible with Prankster)? Also, did you know Trapinch and family learns Superpower now? Some Pokemon also got movepool additions too, like Shuckle learning Shell Smash and Pinsir learning Storm Throw (throwing off Throh as a signature user). Perhaps in this way a rating would be good.

    All in all, if I were to do a Move Tutor Rating for previous Generation Pokemon, it would be a select few whose movepool get a good benefit. So for example, I won't be doing Butterfree because its Tutor compatibility is very much unchanged (Electroweb is the only notable addition). Another way I will approach this is to evaluate every new move introduced and see who are the biggest winners.

    Thanks for reading.
    Lord C. made a blog on how to get there. Here: How to access bulbagarden's PO server. - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums
    Do you think you are able to arrange a battle at about 8am (your time; my time is 8pm)? If that's not OK for you, then how about around 6:30pm (your time; my time is 6:30am the next day). I ask this mainly because I will not be here from Friday onwards, and I would like to get the battles done as soon as possible.
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