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  • Sorry I was at the store. Anyway, You can upload the banner to one of your albums and then go to "edit signature" click on "insert photos" and click on the banner and it'll show up in your sig. Be sure you choose "original only" to show the full size banner. It's also best to center it.
    XD thanks. I originally posted a different version of it until I realized it was about 2px too big and the font was too light, so I fixed it.
    They are a lot of fun =P
    I also finished your banner. 150px tall and 428px wide. Be sure to give me some font-size 1 credit beneath it XD
    I'm already back, but my dad went up there because he wanted left 4 dead. They were all out of it though.
    XD yeah I'll do that. I should have it finished by 8:30. I gotta go to the gamestore with my dad.
    I almost have your signature done. Here it is so far!
    I just have to add "the Awesome Skipoleon" and it's done. I'm just having trouble deciding what font to use. if you want anything else done to it or you want a different background, let me know.
    EDIT: Back!

    Just so you know, I'm only on until about 8 PM EST, but from 9-10 I can check back periodically.
    I hope it has machine guns. :3 I find Aiko-kun's sig to be not only adorable, but also hypnotizing. That seems to be the theme with a lot of animated sigs, you just can't take your eyes off of them.
    My mom likes Taylor swift, but I haven't really heard any of her music. Whenever I think of her I think of that jerk Kanye West.

    You can't compare them; mine's pretty, yours is epic. Two entirely different categories. :-D
    I just don't like how a lot of country is either "YEEHAW PARTY!" or "SOMEONE GET ME A WAAAHMBULANCE!", you know?

    Also, my avatar is so pretty. :3
    Lady Gaga, rap? I dunno about that. The only country song I really like is "The Angry American" by Toby Keith, because the lyrics are just so patriotic.

    Also, I almost accidentally posted my comment on MY profile for what would've been the third time today. -_-
    Well, my music interests (as well as other stuff) is listed in the About Me tab. Although you'll have to wait a sec, I'm going to make a quick update I should've done a while ago. ^_^ And can you be a bit specific? I'm not quite sure who would be considered a "pop" musician.

    As for the watermelon, I don't know what I'd name it to be honest.
    PSSA stands for Pennsylvania State Standardized Assesments, or something like that. So what kind of music are you in to?
    Massage...oh, that. Wow, I guess I should pay more attention. Anyway, I'm going into the 11th grade next year. After a two-year break from the PSSAs, looks like I'll have to take them one more time. >.<
    My hair isn't that long. It's about right above my shoulders. I'm going to get cut to right below my ears. I already get an afro if I wash my hair anyway ^^;
    Your welcome. It might take me a bit because I'm about to leave to get my hair cut, but I should have it done around 5 or 6 at the latest.
    Nah. I'm too lazy to do requests for a bunch of people. I only do requests when I feel like it, which isn't good if you have a shop.
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