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  • I'm doing good as well!
    I just dissapared from the Pit Stop, sorry. How are those guys doin'?
    I was wondering what the last Mon in my FS was. I knew Petilil and Pansage, but not the last one. Now I know. ^_^
    Okay, sure, no prob (sorry if I'm a bit late, I was having an early dinner... after our power finally came back on). I'll add you and see you in a few minutes.
    Proof that the laughter in...Luca, was it? in FFX was forced: Tidus was laughing in a recent cutscene, and it sounded natural.
    Dupre of Ultima is a drunkard of a paladin.
    In Final Fantasy Dimensions, there's a paladin who became a drunkard due to spoilery-ish reasons.
    Coincidence? ...probably, yeah.
    also I just got kirby super star ultra and I have everything done from dyna blade onward (because spring breeze and dyna blade were already finished when I got it) but... do you know how to beat the true arena? it's the only one left on my list
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