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  • Mine isn't either, but I like it. anyway... I already did it just to increase your traffic flow.
    BTW do you mind if I provide a link to your channel on mine? you could do the same for me. that way our videos get more publicity.
    I downloaded my 100% save file from gamefaqs to an sd card. then I copied the data into my wii,
    also I will be using that save file to fight the true final bosses of the dark matter trilogy.
    okay but keep in mind eleven things:
    1.the glare on my TV is bad
    2.I don't talk much in these videos
    3.I'm doing the games out of order
    4.I'm an amateur at videos
    5.I downloaded a 100% save file before i started this
    6.these videos are done on my computer's webcam
    7.I have a 13 minute timer to tell me when to start the next video and stop the current one so that I don't go over the 15 minute time limit
    8.the order of the games which is:
    9.I tend to refer 8f-8h as "the dark matter trilogy" in my videos
    10.I die and get game overs A LOT!!!!
    11. its a bare bones walkthrough, so no 100%, no multiplayer and no platnium medals on the challenge stages.
    I would NOT recommend watching them for these reasons but if you still want to, be my guest.
    i'm taping stuff on EVERYTHING in the kirby's dream collection 20th anniversary box, now just to upload them...
    Random fact: Cloud actually doesn't start out with full MP in FFVII.

    I don't know how, though, because the cheapest spell he has costs 4 MP and he was missing, like, two.

    Also, Cloud initially uses a title that is longer then the given name space by one character.
    And yes I am indeed a sophomore in high school as seen in the video. i was a freshman when I said I was a senior. I was being dumb back then. I'm telling the truth now. I am seriously sorry for lying. also, I think my voice sounds EXTREMELY dumb on camera. WTF TECHNOLOGY??????
    i agree on the mother 4 issue having played all 3 games using emulaters and fan translations for 1 and 3, i think that those dumb@$$es will not work it out right
    Is it normal for people who hit 0 HP to execute a command they were about to use? Because Vaan did that.
    He can be my wingman anytime for that.

    On a related note, Excalipoor costs more LP then the legit Excalibur. Plus it requires getting either a Quickening license or a summon (in the International version)! What the christ!
    Perhaps the worst part of noobs trying to make Mother 4 (not the Mother 4 that has a TV Tropes page) is that they won't have a grasp of the inner workings of the Mother series, so all of the deepness that was part of them goes out the window. I mean, the only final boss that was a straight up slugfest was Mother 3's, and it at least was emotionally charged. At the least.

    Plus, they're noobs. The game will likely have writing worse then Mega Man: Battle Network 4, and they probably won't be able to figure out the HP/PP odometer.
    my opinion is that they are good but not great. XII was awesome, but had some problems (such as that strange zodiac job system). XIII had less of the staples of the series, but was good as a standalone action RPG, XIV version 1 is the only game i truly hated of the newer games, but at least THAT will be fixed with a realm reborn, as as for XV/versus XIII, I must say does look a lot like the stuff that made VII and X so famous, so that is a third game I MUST get for my PS4 (the other two being infamous 3/second son, and KINGDOM F'ING HEARTS III) yet, I love I-VI the best because it has turn based attacking. (my favorite style of battling enemies in an RPG)

    the dragon quest games I love as a result of the fact they never strayed from turn based battles. however my favorite DQ was V because dragon quest V had a pokemon-esque system of monster catching, i love dragon quest V just as much as the monsters subseries. which reminds me of my favorite franchise, (you know the one)

    that's my opinion on DQ and newer FF titles.
    Call me crazy, but a possible possibility of why FFXIII sucks is because it doesn't have any actual Final Fantasy music. (the Prelude, the victory fanfare, etc.)
    wanna be aquaintices/forum friends again? I think if we put our past experiences behind us we can exchange info and news on Square Enix's popular RPG franchises
    Thank you! :D

    It's been a long time since I have seen you around. How have you been?
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