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Recent content by Esquilo09

  1. E

    PREVIEW: XY081: Satoshi Leaps Through Time! Rotom's Wish!

    It's possible that Ash is gonna change the past(Just like Ritchie, May and Meowth did), despite the fact he's not supposed to change the past in any circumstance or it will permanently alter the future, and you know that an alternate future usually has terrible and unpredictable consequences...
  2. E

    PREVIEW: XY076: The Wind, the Egg and Onbat!

    At least they reveal Fletchinder's ability, I wish the writers to reveal Luxray's ability.
  3. E

    PREVIEW: XY076: The Wind, the Egg and Onbat!

    I bet those things on Team Rocket's ears are some kind of ear plug to avoid Noibat's SuperSonic. Also this is the first time a recently hatched Pokémon belonging to Ash imprints on him.
  4. E

    REVIEW: XY071: The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!

    I wonder why Luxray didn't use his vision instead of relying on Fletchinder?
  5. E

    REVIEW: XY071: The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!

    I knew that Serena's Pancham would try to reason with the Pangoros. Loved it! :D
  6. E

    PREVIEW: XY071: The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!

    Actually Ursaring AND Beartic are no longer the only forest jerk Pokémons anymore.
  7. E

    PREVIEW: XY071: The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!

    Ikai! Pangoros attacking Ash and co' unprovoked, they're acting like the typical angry bear or shall I say angry panda? Maybe they mistook Serena's Pancham to be one of their offspring or one of TR and Ash and his friends's Pokémon's moves inadvertently hit them, thus making them angry. I bet...
  8. E

    NEWS: New Ending: "Gaogao All Stars" by Little Glee Monster

    Make sense, besides I'm sick of female sidekicks catching a Pokémon who was previously caught by Ash or previous traveling companion.
  9. E

    REVIEW: XY067: Miare Gym Battle! Satoshi VS Citron!!

    Too bad the writers didn't reveal Luxray's ability. Although he didn't activate Intimidate after being sent out of his Pokéball, so his ability is either Rivalry or Guts(I hope it is the former).
  10. E

    Contest: Weavile Vs Mightyena

    That's a good opnion, keep dreaming for one day Mightyena get a mega.
  11. E

    Contest: Weavile Vs Mightyena

    I see, that's a good opnion, keep going my friend and never give up on what you desire.
  12. E

    PREVIEW: XY063: A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!

    Could someone please show me the video of the second preview?
  13. E

    PREVIEW: XY068: The Coveted Mega Evolution! Gaburias's Bonds!!

    Well, we dunno, until we see the episode or if there is something that implies that male Wooper's capture.