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  • @Esserise From
    what I have researched, there seem to be other features that will probably not appear in SM either:

    Triple Battles
    Rotation Battles
    Pokemon Amie mini games (Pokemon Refresh doesn't seem to have minigames, just cleaning and feeding)
    Super Training minigame

    Other than those, I wonder if Soaring is returning...
    Triple/Rotation Battles could still be available in some capacity. They may have just been disabled as options for the Battle Spot. But I wouldn't be totally surprised if they removed them, given how little they seem to be emphasized in comparison to Singles/Doubles. Maybe they'll have a one-stop shop for them like they did in ORAS (for Rotation Battles, anyway), and with Inverse Battles in both Gen VI games.

    I don't think Soaring is coming back, and I actually never had a problem with that prospect. It just feels, to me, like Hoenn has a more accommodating layout for Soaring. It's one major landmass with a clear central fixture (Mt. Chimney), and then scattered islands on the fringes. Alola is four separate islands which all seem to be quite large and individually in-depth. It's hard to explain, but like, with Hoenn, you're mostly Soaring over the main landmass, but even if you're over the water, those are routes, with actual material to them. Given that we seem to traverse the Alolan Islands by boat, a lot of the water in between the islands is just empty space. They're not routes. There's just nothing to do. So going from one island to the other involves a fair bit of hovering over a filler ocean. If that makes sense.

    Besides, I don't think there would be any Mirage Spots in these games, which were half the whole incentive of Soaring. "Why not just use Fly?" "Because with Soaring, you can find secret islands!" Take that out, and you've just sort of got an elaborate version of Fly.
    Hey again Esserise, so my friend and I were running through that Corocoro that had the statement about " How will the Starters and Rockruff evolve" Then I noticed that the Middle stages bios all have something in common all and that's an "affection sentence" What I mean is that it talk about how the trainer himself can influence theses stages turn out.
    It's interesting , TPC didn't even hype up Rockruff's secret like Corocoro did let alone allude to what it might be so this might be the case with the Starters Final stages. It seems they just announce the concept to get it out there then move on. I think that the Starters having split forms or at least battle bond seem very likely since we don't know there secret yet.
    Yeah, I do think it's notable that Corocoro is thus far the only place to mention this "secret," which means that it's not technically something known by anyone who doesn't subscribe to the magazine. Which in turn makes me think it may not be as drastic as we're thinking. Obviously Rockruff's evolutionary forms are unique, but then again, how exactly is that a secret that's "contained in its body"?

    So you know, come to think of it, I really could see it being something like a new evolution method. In the Rumors & Leaks thread, they're currently kicking around the idea that their evolutions might be influenced by having them hold a Z-Crystal. I'd like to borrow that idea and lay out some thoughts:

    1. We know that they're emphasizing the bond between us and the Starters. Lycanroc, if you read its forms' descriptions on the official site, has similar "affection sentences."

    2. Z-Crystals are energized by the bond between a Trainer and a Pokémon, and obviously, are this generation's equivalent of Mega Evolution. But, unlike Mega Evolution, Z-Moves are available to all Pokémon, including the Starters.

    3. Rockruff was curiously depicted as holding a Z-Crystal in its collar in that manga, but nothing so far has explained the meaning of this (at least not that I've heard).

    So, here's a thought - what if the "secret" is that the Starters and Rockruff all have some Rayquaza-like organ in their body that resonates with Z-Power? And what if you evolve them by leveling them up while having them hold a Z-Crystal? In this way, it could be said that their evolutions are "fueled" by the bond with us, being transmitted through the Z-Crystal they're holding?

    Unlike with Mega Evolution, even the new Pokémon have access to Z-Moves. They don't have to use Starters from a different generation (i.e., the Kanto Starters in XY) as a proxy to encourage us try out the new mechanic with our "Starter." And, we seem to run through the Akala Trials early on, probably before we've reached a point where our Starter is getting close to evolving into its final stage. So we should have the Grassium/Firium/Waterium early enough.

    Of course, after all of that, it sort of feels like little more than a way to "force" you to use Z-Moves, if evolving them by having them hold a Z-Crystal doesn't accomplish anything other than, you know, evolving them. So maybe they, as suggested in that thread, have an alternate form for their evolutions, which you obtain by evolving them while holding a Z-Crystal? And the ones that evolve without holding one would have a "standard" form.

    A problem I see with this is that you would think they would have mentioned it when they revealed Lycanroc, and at the moment, it's already wrapped up that extra lore about solar/lunar energy from Solgaleo/Lunala. Of course, it could be that the secret is different, but then again, what's in Rockruff's body that has to do with its evolution? And why have it hold a Z-Crystal in the manga art?
    Fascinating, according to the riddler the starters and rockruff do indeed share the same secret. The secret seems to be that if their bodies are influenced by Solgaleo and Lunala's presence in each respective version
    Hiya Esserise, I recently found out that Yukie Nakama had a hit song about the Moon which was her first major hit.
    That combined with all the other clues seems to point to a Dolphin Pokémon .
    Since they're associated with the Moon, popular water performers, and are often shown to be comedic in various media, and also have a connection with the Moon
    Wow. People really think that southern Kalos will be akin to Johto? Don't they realize that Game Freak would be much better off labeling such a region as its own entity, and that using Zygarde as a mascot would send the wrong message about all the new content? And there would be absolutely no point preserving any semblance of direct compatibility with XY and ORAS.
    Even Deoxys was an afterthought in the Delta Episode; only Professor Cozmo briefly mentioned it after the fact. I do think old event Pokemon could get more focus via normal gameplay, but certainly not in the same year as their movie debut and distribution. I'd bet on Mew first.

    "Generation 6.5" wouldn't be predictable, because no one can even begin to explain how it would make sense.
    "Gen 6.5" at its heart feels like a very "fan-made" idea. I recognize that it would have shock value, but it also reminds me of that painful fake tweet from not long after X/Y's release promising "more to come" in response to the low number of new Pokémon. It's something that the fans come up with in order to soothe their own confusion. In trying to be clever, it takes the concept of generations and turns it into a gimmick, or a stunt. But to Game Freak, "generation" is actually a useful denotation, because it marks a significant shift in their focus and output. Much like the 20th anniversary itself, really.

    As you've said before, it would be a very awkward fit if, after "Gen 6.5," 2017 were to introduce Gen VII. The thing about the new Pokémon introduced at the beginning of Gen VI is that we have had plenty of time to grow accustomed to them. (And, yet another benefit of Gen VI's low number - there are fewer that we have to familiarize ourselves with.) Introducing more new Pokémon at the end of Gen VI dooms them to being overshadowed by the more significant wave of yet-more new Pokémon (and all these other Gen VII advancements) to come around immediately after that.
    Not only would they get overshadowed, but they would dilute the excitement for the eventual new region. Why does a single generation need 100+ new species and around 70 Mega Evolutions (or other variants)?
    I wouldn't bother posting in the Generation VI thread if I were you.
    Oh, I already know I'm not going to get through to anyone. Frankly I don't know why I *am* bothering; I suppose I was just there and happened to be a bit bored.

    Bah, it's just irritating. You would think that after B2W2, we wouldn't still be almost obsessive-compulsively fixated on Game Freak's "patterns." They can (and probably should) smash up their formulas at any time now; it really isn't that inconceivable. Never mind that this current situation is already very unconventional in and of itself.
    Tomy is going to release Pokédex Z next month, but it's actually just the ORAS Pokédex. It seems to me that TPC is making fun of Z theorists.
    I don't know. If the souvenir were meant to unlock something, I would think it would be a key item and that it would also be obtainable in ORAS. A souvenir is just a reminder by definition; it would be rather forced if it ended up being the key to the actual legendary. It wouldn't be fair to new players, either.

    Incidentally, the Lock Capsule event is so weird. Why would a TM need to be protected from Team Rocket?
    It turns out that Ohmori's wording is rather vague:

    Today is the release date of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and next year is Pokémon GO. Furthermore, next year is exactly the 20th anniversary since the release of Pokémon Red/Green! Please look forward to Pokémon which will continue to evolve and rise to "Super"!!!
    That isn't quite the same thing as saying that the main series will evolve next year, which is what they said in December 2012 as a pre-cursor to XY's announcement. But then, we're still in September and there are some loose ends that need to be taken care of first.

    I do expect Generation VII to be released for the 3DS (with New 3DS enhancements), which is what I think the Strange Souvenir was foreshadowing all along. I don't see why Game Freak would have foreshadowed NX games, for which even a 2017 release date would be early by their standards, back in 2013.
    Ohmori says that the series will evolve next year and we should have high expectations for it.
    Gameplay-wise, there could be battles involved in these events, but I imagine that the player's team would be mostly pre-set much like in the ORAS demo. In fact, we could play as three different characters depending on the period. But as a reward for completing each episode, we would be able to transfer the following Pokémon to the main series games (via Pokémon Link):

    1. Eternal Floette (obviously part of AZ's war)
    2. Volcanion (possibly related to 800 years ago, if that was the time it blew up the mountains in southern Kalos)
    3. Zygarde with its special moves (presumably related to all three events, with the culmination being the last war)
    They could separate the app into "Story Mode" and "Battle Mode", with the latter having an overhauled Battle Chateau or even the Battle Frontier, for which the player could use their XYORAS Pokémon (no transfer would be needed).
    Do you want to discuss app ideas here? The Generation VI thread is flooded with posts that assume Z is the only possibility. It's become cancerous as far as I'm concerned.
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