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Recent content by Esserise

  1. Esserise

    Never played V generation games.

    That's certainly been my experience. I think the level of expression afforded by the move to 3D has done wonders for the story aspect - the sprite games were fine in this regard, but for me, their strengths came almost entirely from the ideas involved and from the music backing up any particular...
  2. Esserise

    Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

    They actually were asked about this in an interview with Eurogamer > Eurogamer: On Sirfetch'd in particular, it seems like it's based on an old evolution for Farfetch'd that was in the Gold and Silver demo that was uncovered - is it based on a cancelled design that never made it into a final...
  3. Esserise

    What aspect of Pokemon games do you care about most?

    The Pokémon themselves, the fictional ecology (I love finding out which Pokémon other ones like to eat, or which ones have symbiotic relationships, for example) Against my better judgment, the storyline, characters, and worldbuilding. Actually, that prompts a question I want to aim at anyone...
  4. Esserise

    Poll - What's your favourite POISON type trainer/expert? Why?

    Klara; I mean, I love her personality and music the most anyway but she's also the only one with character development, so it's not much of a contest. (Okay, that's not entirely fair to Plumeria, but I do think Plumeria was underused, whereas Klara is one of the backbones of the IOA storyline.)...
  5. Esserise

    Never played V generation games.

    I'd pretty firmly disagree with the idea that N, Cheren, and Bianca don't go through arcs. I think the games are very clear about what each character is doing on a fundamental level. N has to break out of his sheltered upbringing and experience different viewpoints by being allowed to interact...
  6. Esserise

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    Is any corner of Pokémon safe from the "out of ideas" accusation? I think it's pretty evident that they just intend to have a baseline set of boosted species rotating each month, with the more unique/remarkable events being a more occasional thing. It probably takes very little effort to set...
  7. Esserise

    Contest Gardevoir vs Hatterene

    You know I think I'm gonna' say Hatterene. I like Gardevoir a lot, especially the Shiny version of its Mega Evolution, but Hatterene is a lot more conceptually thorough and interesting to me. Also it feels kind of squid-like? Plus its Gigantamax form reminds me of a cross between Baba Yaga and...
  8. Esserise

    A discussion on pokemon gaming difficulty

    Ostensibly I think the idea is that you can use your White 2 key in order to unlock Easy Mode for a younger sibling or child. But then, are young players really going to want to wait until you finish your run before starting up their own adventure? There genuinely are not words to properly...
  9. Esserise

    Cynthia=Mary Sue?

    I mean, frankly, it probably should have, or at least done something like that. Before I edited my previous post, I ended by saying that Leon is basically Diantha "done right." Let me take this opportunity to elaborate on that some more. Diantha is by far the worse of the two, because her...
  10. Esserise

    Cynthia=Mary Sue?

    I'm not really convinced that any Champion in the entire series has a sufficiently dimensional character to even be qualified by these (frankly very abused and overused) terms. That's not necessarily a problem, however, since the Pokémon games consciously set their bar for storytelling on the...
  11. Esserise

    A possible solution for Dexit

    Not anymore, as of the Isle of Armor update. There's now an NPC in the Battle Tower who you can take transferred Pokémon to in order to have him make them "battle-ready" (usable in official competitions) in exchange for making them forget all of their current moves (so as to prevent disallowed...
  12. Esserise

    Cynthia=Mary Sue?

    Alder is the only one I'd put forward. It's not a heavily stressed part of the storyline, because his "journey" has already happened by the time of the main games. But he says this if you meet him at Celestial Tower in the post-game of BW: > "My old partner is resting here in the Celestial...
  13. Esserise

    Changes/Additions you would make in an update to SwSh

    To be fair, while I don't like it either, I'm not sure they really see it as something to "fix," considering that it actually takes more work (not extraordinarily so, from what I understand, but still) to scale them than it does to simply leave them at their native sizes. That said...
  14. Esserise

    GO Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    Caught a good many Shinies during GO Fest. The day before, I happened to come across a Shiny Electrike, so that was a cool prelude to the weekend's haul. On Day 1, I got a Shiny Growlithe, Jigglypuff, Heatmor, Tangela (x2), Sunkern, Magmar, Treecko, Exeggcute, Dratini, and Alolan Grimer. Day 2...
  15. Esserise

    What do you NOT miss about the older games?

    It's less of a step backwards and more of a step sideways. The real underlying problem with single-use TMs was their usual non-renewability, meaning that you only ever got that one chance to teach the move to a Pokémon, with no take-backs. That, and even the renewable ones would sometimes be a...