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  • Hello~!

    Hope to see you back full-time again soon~ <3 If you aren't already, considering you were on today. o.o
    I complained about the lack of Internet so much my mom drove me over to an Internet cafe. I'm wasting all my money for minutes. I should be back by Friday night or so. Oh, and thanks. Hopefully I'll get Blue done soon.
    Haha, first you said you are much at your home on the holiday, then you said you'll go to place where's no electricity and then you are posting here and there when I'm thinking you're gone. =P Well, anyway, I'm just saying "hi", becouse we haven't been chatting here for a long time. So, hi! :)

    Hope you have fun there where ever you are. Oh, and good luck for the Blue.
    I guess I'll review it when I have time and if I remember.
    Thanks for the Avatar. I am so glad you made it! I should probably put the Saturn is Love icon in my sig, if I can figure it out.
    Hey, Eversti, love your livejournal. Can you send me the third chapter of Blue when your done with it? I can't go to fanfiction.net anymore.....
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