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  • Looking at the description on Wikipedia, I appreciate that they include a segment about Disneyland. It's always fun seeing the park attractions represented in shows like this. Disneyland's old fireworks show Remember Dreams Come True is one of my favorites because it's basically a pyro+musical tour of Disneyland.
    I know a lot of people were disappointed with it, but I prefer to reserve judgment until I've seen it. You'd think they'd learn from the problems of first version, eh?
    Definitely! I've seen WoC twice, in 2011 and 2013. I was so bummed when I watched in 2013 and there was no Hellfire. I think in general, WoC has excellent water and fire effects but lacks any sense of cohesion. It just feels like a clip show of random Disney movies with little to no transition between segments. It's also kind of baffling that the show's main theme is only used at the beginning and end when it easily could've been used to ease transitions between scenes. That said, I can't speak for the new version of the show since I haven't seen it.
    Oh yeah. I haven't seen the New Years version either. I can't stand the holiday crowds, and I usually don't like to watch videos of theme park attractions before I get to see them in person. I'm weird like that. :p
    Yes! Unfortunately I've only been able to see the Christmas one. Hopefully I'll get around to seeing the 4th of July at some point, but I don't like being in the parks when they're crowded. :p

    I just really love everything about IllumiNations. The music, the Inferno barge, the story, it all comes together in twelve minutes of perfection. It might be my favorite currently-existing thing at WDW. Have you seen the lasers they've added to the show recently? They're incredible!
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