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  • No, when you edit specific users in the ACP, there's a dropdown box in the Profile box called “Custom User Title”, and it has three options: (1) No; (2), Yes, user set; and (3) Yes, admin set (HTML allowed) - I'm fairly certain that's what you change to use code in your usertitle.
    Um, is there any reason behind why Bulbagarden staff don't use HTML usertitles? One forum I saw let moderators use them (or request via PM or some such), and another board I saw had a thread to let users with a minimum post count request them; both of them vB. Does it have some usage flaw when upgrading from vB2 to vB3 to vB4 or something…? :< (I know they're only set in the ACP and require a setting that marks it as admin-set.)
    I was talking with Kitaouji Satsuki, the owner of Ever Grande City, and he seems to prefer vB3 because of its aestheticness or some such. I guess people can have differing opinions even then? >_>

    I guess I prefer vB4 because I'm so used to it on Bulbagarden, which is probably why its hard for me to be comfortable at PC.
    I have finally gotten sick of free web hosting and purchased the hi-grade shiznit. Do you think I should've gotten vB3 instead of vB4? I tried getting domain extensions that people recognize, so I tried to avoid .ws, .name, and .info, unlike last time.
    Waiting for my bank to clear through so I can purchase this web hosting for a .com and a .net, and getting really impatient.

    How have you been? >_> :)
    You're the 17th member of Bulba :eek: Sorry, I'm counting through the numbers and thought you would be later than 17th. 19 doesn't exist for some reason...
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