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  • But of course - I wanted to confirm of whether or not he had root access or shell access, to do it himself, rather. It does make sense for an exec to actually install it and to check with the BP EiC.

    Would it be necessary to check with the other two EiCs?
    Are you sure? It requires shell/root access, meaning read, write, and execute access to MediaWiki installation files. Deth has sysadmin access, right? I asked you because I presumed only you or Archaic would have access to core PHP files like that.
    Hey, evkl. I just needed to tell you something.
    It's me, Honchkrow Reloaded. I snuck onto the forums to apologize to Yellow after all this time. Sorry. I asked Neodark if he knew where she was, but I didn't tell him who I was till now. Please don't blame him, he had no idea. Sorry for everything, and good-bye.
    -Honchkrow Reloaded/ThisOneGoon
    Well… 'nuff said.

    I thought about mentioning this to the BP EiC, but decided to mention it to you because you're an exec, and it applies outside of the 'pedia. So, here's my text:
    In regards to the Bulbawiki, I have taken notice that the English and Macedonian Wikipedias have introduced a feature called “WikiLove”, a MediaWiki extension allowing users to show appreciation to one another with a few mouse clicks. For the sake of its validity, I'm going to quote a prominent developer-/sysadmin-frequented wiki:

    Users like to feel valued. According to the 2011 survey of Wikipedia editors (see top-line data), among 17 variables, "being looked down on by more experienced editors" is the most likely to cause people to say they will edit less frequently (69% agreement), while "having others compliment you on your edits/articles" is the most likely to cause people to say they will edit more frequently (78% agreement). See also: "Positive feedback works for editing, say Wikipedia editors" on the Wikimedia blog.
    Is there any plans to implement this on the Bulbawiki? If there isn't already plans for this, shouldn't some be made? I (and apparently most who participated in that survey) think that it helps in easing new users into using such large-scale content project software, so why not? It has a lot of leverage in how it helps.
    I know that Mozz has no manegerial power, it's just I think its missing that he apparently paid for the initial—not current—development of the HAVA Bulba. Isn't this correct?

    Also, do you use Mozilla Firefox? I got a persona featuring Pikachu to flavor my view of the forums I help manage - Plus Firefox's developers, Mozilla Corporation, are non-profit, meaning since their goal isn't making money, things won't be cut-out/replaced/added to make/save money on their end; no site adverts, no paid services (including browser software), and amazing visuality and customizability (not to mention it doesn't sneakily install itself with affiliated programs like that Chrome does).
    How is Mozz out of the picture? I read somewhere that he helped fund the initial development of the 2002+ Bulbagarden… what was it, $1K I think? He used to be the Bulbagarden Creditor, am I confused? That's not all I've seen…

    Also, I'm thinking of taking my first watch of EP038, but I'm still pretty skeptical… It's pitch black in the night in my room, and I heard a rumor that people who have ADHD are sometimes prone to seizures… I'll probably catch it when my blinds are open ^^;
    Well, I guess I could be worse. I'm trying to restore a forum board that I closed earlier in the month in a new location, and I'm also attempting to create my own MediaWiki server for Pokémon - it's currently a one-man deal, as I'm still sorting out the wiki's settings. Do you ever traverse other forums, wikis, or communities in general other than Bulbagarden, or is this your only AO?

    EDIT @ 2/1/2012 05:21 UTC:
    Because I think in pictures (unlike some), and I was itching to put this idea on paper (well, PNG actually), I decided to draw a simple in-depth visual diagram of the staff structure of Bulbagarden as a whole - let me know if there's any errors, as I thought this up by myself, K? Thanks.

    Also, did the colors used by the dots resemble the people they represent? Other than Mozz, I think his color is obvious :p
    What happened to [color=#FF00000]TTE[/color]chidna? At one moment, he's stepping down from being the BP EiC, and the next he's permabanned on the forums and has a message left by Mave on this page saying that TTE's never going to answer any questions ever again.
    What happened? o_o

    Also, it's been quite a while since we've talked. ^͜^ How are things?
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