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  • Questions:
    1. Will the infraction thingy show up on all my comments or only my "intelligent" one?
    2. You get into real trouble when you get how many points?
    3. Sorry. I thought I was allowed to make Kuki jokes too. I make them all the time on the Bulbapedia.
    Not all, your infraction just annoyed me. Well at least your not like some Serebii.net mod who will ban for nothing and then personally abuse me while doing it. I adore Bulbagarden. If I was banned you know I'd just come back, don't you?
    one of those days? at least you don't got all the admins breaking the rules not getting in trouble and being complete asses. I mean your fellow Admin TTEchinda vandalized my tak page didn't get anything done to him and i write f u on his talk page and get blocked.
    :O It's been ages since we've had a good chat. You probably don't remember me, but about 2~3 years ago we used to talk on AIM every now and then. :p
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