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Recent content by Ex-Admiral Insane

  1. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Trick-or-Treat: A Fizzytopian Halloween Event

    Trick-or-Treat The Secret Base Event A swivel chair turns around to reveal a trainer in nightmarish clown make-up, stroking a dead Rattata. “Welcome ghost and ghouls, banshees and freaks of all ages! That sacred pagan holiday of the dead arrives to Fizzyopia once again,” his painted on jaw...
  2. Ex-Admiral Insane

    The Realm of Shadows

    The air whistled an ominous tune past the trainer’s ears, carrying whispers from worlds far away as if calling out to him. Lucas shifted his head ever so slightly to listen closer to what they were saying, and mumbles the words in repeat. “Thirst.” Thirst? If anything, he was hungry. Hungry...
  3. Ex-Admiral Insane

    The Adoption Center

    You poor things. Waiting out here in the cold. Wasn't there another one of you? Starting with the adoption of the Throh. I'll figure out an introduction post for them later. The $200 fee for the Throh
  4. Ex-Admiral Insane

    New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

    ‘Oh dear Mew, no.’ was Lucas’ first thought at seeing the picture and hearing the name Hakama-an. New Fizz City apparently had an idol in the form of a caped crusader. The loss of his partner, Grant, seemed to have demotivated the mysterious figure from continuing his crime-fighting spree. Or at...
  5. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Hello there, In order to continue your Fizzy Bubbles Registration, I need to provide you with a...

    Hello there, In order to continue your Fizzy Bubbles Registration, I need to provide you with a test through a conversation/PM. I believe you have your profile setting set up in such a way that I can't start a dialogue. I would like to ask you if you could either temporarily change your...
  6. Ex-Admiral Insane

    New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

    The mayor was visibly relived at Lucas’ response as he brushed his signature moustache. While he himself couldn’t provide much in specifics on the case, he knew someone who could. He called over one of the men of the police force, grizzled old man by the name of Commissioner Morton. Lucas had to...
  7. Ex-Admiral Insane

    New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

    Lucas came to an abrupt halt. He had just turned the corner when he saw the prostate body of a woman in her twenties. A pool of dark liquid grew beneath her, and a bullet hole in her chest gave the reason for this. Lucas could only silently gawk for a moment, in shock at the temerity of the...
  8. Ex-Admiral Insane

    RULES: Fizzy Bubbles Guidelines

    Bond Bond is Fizzy Bubbles' substitute for Friendship and Affection. It is an optional mechanic that rewards the Pokémon with some perks and allows a few to evolve. The scale ranges from 0 to 50. As of currently, Bond can only be raised an not lowered. Further information can be found at The...
  9. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Moderating Fizzy Bubbles

    Moderating Fizzy Bubbles
  10. Ex-Admiral Insane

    New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

    The trek into the city was a journey longer than he had thought. It felt like he had been walking in the heat of the day for almost months. And yet, not a single stroller passed by. No joggers, amblers or children. Cars were noticeable, the familiar congestion of the city coming into view as...
  11. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Mew à la Mode Boutique

    Hello there, I'd like to recolour the eyes of my long-forgotten Larvitar. As a result of her draconic lineage (a female Haxorus), Regina has inherited some of her mother's traits. Specifically, her eyes more closely resemble that of a Haxorus; having red sclera with black pupils instead of a...
  12. Ex-Admiral Insane

    ATTENTION: The Fizzytopian Post - News and Announcements

    For those who recall, we made an earlier announcement in which we established January, May and September to be our months of critical analysis of the zones (and shops). The moderators have discussed some of the issues that have cropped up with regards to zones and shops and we have decided to...
  13. Ex-Admiral Insane

    ATTENTION: The Fizzytopian Post - News and Announcements

    With the new zone and ZA election, we will be announcing a few new rulings on Zone Administration and clarifying some of the old. These rulings are not meant to be punitive, but rather to help stipulate our expectations and reach an agreement on when the moderators should intervene. Zone...
  14. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Mew à la Mode Boutique

    I'll be paying for a Physical Deformity ($50). Plai the (shiny) Lapras will be getting some teeth, similar to one of the earliest concept arts of Lapras: The reasoning behind this is that the Lapras' draconic/primordial roots were brought forth by having one of its parents be dragon and...
  15. Ex-Admiral Insane

    New Year's Grand Festival - Fizzytopia Welcomes 2018!

    Picking up my Enigma Egg. Thank you for the event Mask