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  • Hey I am looking for Lansat ans Starf too. found any? If so, will you trade? if not, if I find any or win any, I will try to let you know
    About our trade, it has one of those stupid ribbons that prevent them from being traded on the GTS.

    How are we going to get past that?
    I've never done a trade from here before, only on the GTS.
    By 1 "3DS", do you mean you only have 1 3DS, but you have another type of DS, or do you mean you only have one DS?

    I may be able to do the Mightyena trade on my Diamond game, but probably not.

    What do you want for them? Some Pokemon I could offer are Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem, Cresselia, Regice, Regirock, Milotic, and much more.
    I was mistaken, I have Monday and Tuesday off next week. If my mom goes to work, I should be able to do the trade.
    Sure, I'll take them both. I'll let you know when I'm near WIFI next if I can so we can trade. BTW, I would like the trade to happen on White 2 please, as it's my game for my Shiny Collection.

    I should be near a Hotspot later this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't end up coming near one when I think I am.
    So you're offering a Shiny Mightyena, eh? Is it Legit Checked? If it is, I'd be happy to trade with you for it.
    I've noticed that the OT of the Manaphy is called MAX which is my first name. Is this a coincidence?
    Hi EXGShadow, I'm in invisible mode of the forums and I'm having problems with my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector which I will be using to connect my Platinum version to the internet. I've promised my mum that I would only be online for 30 minutes so I'm going to have to try connecting again near 11:30pm when she has gone to bed. Can we please trade in 2 hours and 30 minutes? I have no problems connecting Generation V games to my WPA internet connection.
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