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Recent content by ExtremeCroagunk

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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Typhlosion in Pokemon Gold, one of the greatest moments of my life, lol.
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    Helooooo Pokéfans!

    Welcome to BMGF, Charraze! Hope you have a great time around here!
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    Starters of choice (Please read first post)

    Re: Starters of choice Grass: Sceptile Fire: Typhlosion Water: Blastoise
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    Why hello there!

    Have a great time around here! :)
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    Herro!!! Welcome!! :D
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    I'm new here

    Welcome my good sir, hope you have a blast around here!
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    Hope you enjoy your stay here! :D Welcome!
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    New here

    Welcome to BMGF! :)
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    Lilly Osaka, the Togepi girl!

    Welcome to the forums! :D Don't forget to play Pokemon R/B/Y someday! xD
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    Introducing myself, the mysterious Nooneknows~~!

    Welcome! Hope you have a blast around here! :)
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    Good morning, America! This is Lisbon calling.

    Greetings! Hope you have a great time around here! See ya' around! :D
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    Superbowl XLVI

    For a second I thought the Giants had it made, until the Patriots made a come back. Waiting to see how this turns out.
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    Best Eeveelutions?

    Jolteon and Umbreon!
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    News Pokemon TV on the 3DS

    Bummer, Why does it have to be through Nintendo Zones? :\
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    What is your biggest complaint about the Pokemon series?

    I wish the writers would stop making characters so similar to previous ones. Example: Bianca is kinda like a female version of Barry personality-wise. I know, they have their differences, but their similarities are right there too. Paul and Trip are very alike too. The only difference is that...