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  • It's great, but one thing I don't understand and I'm curious about it too: what's that little extra edge you mentioned in the last part?
    I appreciate that you go against the schedule to help me. Sorry to trouble you, but thank you!
    I am just asking you to provide a quote, because my progress with my next one is near completion (missing few quotes and proofreading not done yet), so I needed a quote soon. Besides, it's not that hard, because you only need one sentence or two. I also may not be able to check as often in a few days, so it would be helpful if you can cooperate.
    Are you interested in providing a quote in one of my reviews? If yes, you can do the Pansage line or Maractus/Marakacchi.
    ahh... The bmGf Resistance. Yay! Such Absolution, and no Black Holes And Revelations!
    And for that trade we were going to do in August, I still have all those Pokemon and am completely willing to trade.
    Hey dude. I am starting up the trading business again. In fact, pretty soon. Try and look out for GaaraSword and JohnnyCool's new shop. I still gotta load off a bunch of great Pokemon and I look forward to trading with you again. I can basically get most Pokemon with good egg moves. A lot of times I won't even want Pokemon, just EV trained items. Anyway, with BW coming around, the return of my trading business will become evident as well. I look forward to trading in the future.

    I spent the best Friday of my life at Wembley Stadium... at a MUSE concert! 8D

    It was the most spectacular thing I've ever seen. They closed the show with Knights of Cydonia. The power of 90,000+ people singing it at once was breathtaking!
    And I have been working. So busy guys I am so so so sorry. After Black and White comes out if I am busy or not you may not see me on much depending on my upcoming decision on spoilers. I am SOO SO sorry. In October, when I can settle in with all my school work I may be on if I decide to look at spoilers.
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