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  • Hey, if you've recieved all the squads, can you post them So we can start the next round?
    It's time for asking-for-feedback! About my reviews. If you have the time, put your comment in this blog post.
    Name: Gorilliage
    Type: Grass/Fighting
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Description: A big, angry, forest green-furred gorilla with a long, pointed bamboo staff in his left hand. He has a small palm bush on his head, and an opened banana in his right hand. His animation features him beating his chest and making stabbing motions with his staff.

    Base stats:
    HP - 70
    Attack - 125
    Defense - 85
    Special Attack - 60
    Special Defense - 75
    Speed - 102

    Other notes: Has access to Leaf Blade and Drain Punch for STAB, with both being learned by level-up. Other notable moves include Shadow Claw (TM), Aerial Ace (TM), and Night Slash (Heart Scale).
    The new RNG Reporter was supposed to be released a week after BW was, but it's still not, so I'm getting really impatient. xD

    Lol, I wasn't aware of any new EXP mechanics. What are they? I just don't like the new sleep mechanics :/

    I'm really excited for the Battle Subway as well! Once I can think of a good team, I'll RNG them and hopefully get a 100 win streak. I really like the story in these games, and Team Plasma is really unique, since their goal is different than Team Rocket/Galactic's. I'm excited for DW, but I really don't like waiting. I feel so bad for everyone in Japan, though :(
    I just wish we could abuse shiny pokemon, but we can't atm (Unless using an emulator, and if you have your ID/SID abused, but that only works for Jap. games atm) because Non C-Gear seeds don't work on US versions yet. I'm waiting until the new RNG Reporter is released, because then we can do Non C-Gear abuse (Which is really easy, since it only requires to hit a time, not a delay).

    But what do you think of the game so far?
    I could test out that team for you. *puppy eyes* so long as it's only got 5th gen pokemon in it, and not victini, reshiram, zekrom, kyurem, keldeo, meloetta, or genosect, and there are no duplicate items. *bigger puppy eyes*
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