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  • Yeah red hair is cool!! It's funny though Riku's hair isn't red it's silver yet he's freakin' adorable....*silence*

    Yeah Silver become's a sweet kid. :) Gary will never stop being spoiled but I love him though he's hallerious XDXDXD
    Mine too. Silver's so cute!! Even if he's a bit young for me I still feel attracted to him...

    He's kinda a jerk at first though but he gets better.

    Also he's adorable and sweet in the manga...
    Nah i'm keeping my avatar as it is cuz it looks so cute :) Makes me think of Silver from Pokemon. Awww...I kissed it once. I loved Silver soo much anyways!!.....somehow
    ...I guess we must be twins XD I might change my avatar soon maybe i'll make it the same as my profile picture since that picture is pretty hot!!! Also, I look TOO cool with a blindfold on.

    Yeah srsly o-o; Its beautiful...
    Well once I had a dream that crossed Mother 3 and Animal Crossing or....something.

    One time I dreamt that Ness and his friends were going to my house to have dinner with me.

    That was cool :) I liked that dream. And how my mom mensioned i was a vegetatian. ALSO TRUE.
    MOONSIDE IS A GREAT PLACE TO DATE CONFUSED BAD BOYS LIKE RIKU oh and yeah magicant was cool :3 And funny.

    Have you ever DREAMT about the games?....I have. Those dreams are special to me...

    Wanna hear some?

    Pokey was....a jerk. But an interesting one. And defenetly a freaking sadist lololol

    Yeah, he IS like a Japanese Cartman. XD He could be pretty dang hallerious!!!


    Did you like Moonside a lot? De Moon Side De!

    The people on starmen.net were scary, though. I used to go on there as MSP-Hikari...so I would know. Sadly, I wonder now if the elitest gamers on serebii.net are even worse.....ahh.

    My favorite character is Paula Polestar. She's cute and her signature clothing is a pink dress. She wears dresses like I do!!

    Who do you like?

    We gotta chew each others ears off about all things mother mother mother~New Age Hippie tune~~
    ....I thought you were a b-b-boy! *passes out* XD Anyways, your an Earthbound fan, correct? 'Cuz I am too and if you are we should totally be friends cuz I don't see enouth Earthbound fandom around here!!! XD Also, your a pesies (i can't spell in) like my best friend is. Those are cool. :) And I love Plusle. I hope we can get along great!!^^
    And I know what you mean about parents. My parents are as accepting as they come, but it still took me forever to tell them. I think if you talk to any LGBT person, coming out to parents is always the hardest.
    Have you ever been to Autostraddle.com? They have some good articles with coming-out advice: Autostraddle — How I Came Out to My Evangelical Christian Parents And You Can, Too and a whole community of lesbian and bisexual women. There's also AfterEllen.com. Both those sites helped me a lot when I was first coming-out.
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