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  • OK, fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. Me, I was happy with the updated. Grezzo did a fantastic job with both games. Some of the old mechanics remained, so it was like adding a fresh coat of pain to a beat-up car. Maybe not the most accurate analogy, but you get the idea.

    As for Majora's Mask, it's not a difficult game, really. IMO, the only difficult aspect is doing the dolphin jumps as a Zora, and controlling the full-throttle Goron Roll.There's a lot to do, and only 3 days to do it. It's annoying to constantly revert the cylce back to the 1st day, but I had a blast collecting all of the masks, items, etc. Again, different strokes for different folks.
    Google is my best friend man! If my classes weren't 5 1/2 weeks long I would spend more time watching tutorials. But my time flies so fast. :(

    I can get that Naughty Girl, and Baby Boy were my preferred tracks off of Dangerously In Love personally. But heck my little sister is obsessed with Earned It off the album, she put on the music video the other day and I had no idea she was interested in the movie. But I love I Put A Spell On You, and the Haunted Remix heck the whole album isn't half bad imo.
    (really sorry for part 2, had a lot of links!)

    Ahh I see. Now which is your favorite out of the two? XD And haha I haven't gotten AS yet because of two reasons: I need to finish Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright and also I don't feel like spending $40 in one time. I needed a lot of money this year for school activities and college stuff, so I usually just buy things off my "wanted video games list" that are a little less money. Is it just me, or is Gen 6 not memorable? It's very hard to explain, but I feel like I don't remember much that happened in the game story-wise. I loved the music, but the characters weren't too great (in my opinion). All I remember is going to the Friend Safari to find shinies and Amie. XD

    nowinstock.net does!! All the wave 4 amiibo have little caution signs near them, just to point out that they're pre-orders. Make sure you sign up for text alerts! :) Haha I won't ask if it's personal, but if it's about the price, don't give into scalpers! I hear the rarer amiibo are getting reprints soon, so maybe you should get your friend a Visa gift card for the time being? If your friend can't wait, they can just use the Visa gift card to buy him! :D

    And thanks!! $17 wasn't a pleasant price for me, but at least it was with the shipping! xD I couldn't pass him up! Btw have you ever seen these really random amiibo videos with someone purposely playing a recorder poorly and it zooms in on a derpy looking amiibo? XD There's two that I've seen so far, this and this!
    Ugh, that really sucks! >.< Have you ever seen that Allegra commercial with the lady who brings home a puppy after she gets prescribed the medicine? Supposedly it helps people with allergies, but I don't trust otc medicine too much. Some other things you can do (if you wanted to adopt a dog) would be to get one of those HEPA air purifiers. I'll help you through this, don't worry! XD
    I love researching dog related things! :)

    Hahahah my dad knows I looove Shiba Inus and German Shepherds, but I think I will find some good Lab videos for my mom! xD I kind of think her excuses are mainly about money that goes into raising a dog, but I'm going to try to get a part-time job and save up for supplies and vet insurance (and of course money in case my bird needs to go to the vet)!

    Yeah parakeets are awesome!!! They're so cute and full of personality and a lot of people misunderstand them because they're so small and "cheap". My bird is a parakeet and I've had him since he was a baby. We handfed him too and he's part of the family! :3
    He randomly bites if I have him on my hand, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't. He was such a good boy when he was younger, I have no idea what happened!

    I hear it hasn't been this cold since 1993! Can you believe spring is in 26 days?
    I'm sorry to hear that! I own Ocarina of Time 3D, and enjoyed it. Majora's Mask was my choice over the former, because I loved the emphasis on the masks, and how you had to plan every detail out (the 3-day cycle, of course). I finally got to the last temple, Stone Tower. However, I was having so much fun collecting Heart Containers, masks and just messing around in the world. I'm almost sad that I'll be done with the main quest soon.
    I'm working on a living room scene. I'm a total beginner at this program so I'm nothing but lost and confused a majority of the time. xD

    And yea definitely, I don't listen to much movie soundtracks tbh so the very different artists on this track is kinda neat imo. But I do agree the Crazy In Love remix is amazing. :P
    Hahaha "so I don't die"! xD Dogs that have hair aren't truly "hypoallergenic", because all dogs produce dander! :p Oh haha, I actually don't (but it seems like I do, right?). I have a bird! :3 My dad and brother would be more than happy with adopting a dog, but my mom isn't. She makes such bad excuses and she thinks the dog should have to sleep outside. -_- She really likes Labradors, though.

    Try coconut ice cream and lychee too if you can!

    Ooo nice!! Which Pokemon was your main Mega? Haha I actually didn't get AS yet! Ohh I see and I completely understand! Your poor 3DS, so glad it didn't suffer! xD

    You know what you should also do? Sign up for e-mail and text alerts from nowinstock.net or zoolert.com for amiibo! I did that for Shulk, Ike, and Marth (just in case). It does work, because I received a text like 3 days ago when Shulk was available for purchase on Gamestop.com. I was in class so I couldn't do anything, but luckily "round 2" of Shulk was up for pre-order on Gamestop.com and I got a pre-order in! :)

    I have considered importing from Amazon.uk or Amazon Germany, but the shipping is really expensive. :0 Amazon Germany has better conversion from Euro to USD, but with shipping it comes out to like $30! Did you find anything at FYE? They were the first to be selling Mega Man, King Dedede, and Sonic! I would recommend taking advantage of TRU's 3 for 33 sale and get Bowser, Luigi, and anything else you might want!
    That's good to hear. :D And I'm going crazy with a 3D modeling class I have right now. I'm using this program called Maya that's been used in films like Avatar. >.<

    Though you also have me checking out the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack now. :p
    Awww! :( Have you ever been around dogs that have hair instead of fur, like Poodles, Shih Tzus or Airdale Terriers? Although they still produce dander, there is less chance of triggering an allergic reaction with them!

    All this talk about coconuts makes me wish I had some! >.< Have you ever tried coconut ice cream?? It's amazing!

    It's like there's so many things we can do on our free time, but what exactly should we do? XD Good job on completing OR!! What Pokemon did you have in your team?

    When you say you took some games off, does that mean you just want to forget about them for the time being? I've been trying to keep positive with my backlog and I'm trying to convince myself that I can get through it! I'm currently playing through bits and pieces of Professor Layton vs AA, Chrono Cross, and Donkey Kong Country 2.

    (Ugh, this is the part where I try to send my VM, but it asks me to log in again and part of my message wasn't saved. -_-)

    Haha I know what you mean!! It's so stressful wondering if there will ever be restocks of the previous ones, when Wave 4 will go up, how fast they'll all sell out, etc. :/ I recommend you go on reddit amiibo; it's the best place to keep track of amiibo news and some users even share if any stores are selling rare amiibo! A few days ago, Walmart was selling Shiek and she sold out in literally 10 minutes (didn't buy her). Speaking of Walmart, my Walmart literally had no amiibo at all!

    I'm really hoping your pre-orders get processed!! Some people have gotten theirs cancelled. :/ Did you find anything good yesterday? I also went to TRU, but they had nothing but commons. F.Y.E wasn't accepting pre-orders for Wave 4 unlike the other F.Y.E stores that are! :mad: Haha I haven't actually gotten any amiibo yet! I'm mainly interested in all the FE characters, Charizard, Shulk, and when they are announced, Greninja and Duck Hunt. Haha I was doing the same thing while typing this VM, no joke! XD
    You're uber late, and I'm super duper late! And heck my main resolutions is to just get myself sorted really, not much else. How's life treating you lately? :)
    Hrmm, I may just try to start such a thread here then, assuming no one else beats me to the punch.

    That's a relief, since I honestly don't see myself playing Heavy Rain until after I've beaten Dead Space 3 and Spider-Man: Edge of Time.
    (ugh, so sorry for part 2. I'm really trying my best to shorten my messages xD) Awww that sucks! >.< When do you usually have any off days now? Even on the weekends, I can't enjoy a game because I keep thinking about school. I'm guessing you finally completed OR at this time? xD If not, it's completely fine! I wonder how some people just let their video games help them relax after a long day of school. I used to be able to do that, but it doesn't work anymore. ;~;

    Haha I didn't get a Wii U just yet! xD I think I might have to hold off on it a bit longer. For some reason, I don't feel like buying a Wii U until I get through most of my backlog (and who knows how long that will take.) :( Hey, I have an idea! Let's both make resolutions to get through our backlogs! :)

    Oh btw, I noticed I never added you to my BMGf friends list! I'll do that right now!

    How is it going with Amiibo collecting? :D Did you get to pre-order Shulk or Ike? I was too late for them...but maybe (just maybe), GameStop will have some for sale on the day they come out.

    Oh and this is my first time playing KH! Although I haven't touched it since November, I defintely recommend you get the HD Remixes, because they include the main story games and the side story games! :)
    I finally got to try pho! It was soooo good!! :0 The broth was amazing!

    You have no idea how much I want to let the dogs out and let them play! They really just sit around in a little enclosure, serving as watch dogs. My grandma fed her dog very well and let him play, though! His name was Jimmy and he was a German Shepherd. I remember watching her giving him rice in water and chicken; it's literally much better than many of the dry dog foods people feed their dogs here in America!

    Yess!!! xD Isn't it fun watching people pick and opening coconuts? :D Did your family use the coconuts for cooking, too? It's a fun experience having straight-from-the-tree coconut juice! xD
    And wow a sugar cane farm? That's really cool! It's pretty interesting that Jamaica and southern India can pretty much grow the same fruits or vegetables!
    I won't be receiving Heavy Rain in my mailbox until Friday, but sure I'll try and remember to let you know my thoughts about it.

    What would help me remember though, is if this forum had a thread for people to post their recently completed games in.
    It's a tie between Venusaur and Charizard. Charizard is probably more my favorite, because Mega Charizard X is very cool.
    Aww, sorry to hear that. ;P

    Why do you like Mudkip family? Please, don't tell me it's because of that idiotic meme.
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