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  • I'm sorry if I'm sounding pushy, but it is really ok if I lend you my Squirtle. I have absolutely no intention of using him anytime soon. So, if you change your mind it is there..lurking in my game XD

    Great. Gonna be on line in like 10 m. I just need to send a PM first :)
    Hi, just got home form uni lol
    Are you sure you don't want the Squirtle? You can breed it untill you get the desired gender/ nature..etc
    Well, hope you will come online soon.
    Thats ok :)
    We could trade/ battle today after I get back home. In 6 hours.
    Sadly, I don't have female starts. But I could lend you my Squirtle so you ciuld breed one :(
    I got a lot of o-powers yesterday hahaha. I think it was you then :)
    Was it a capture one?

    Yeah, I really want that meadow pattern. What would you like in return? :)
    Thats fine. Well, I an leaving for uni now and I will be back in 7-8 hours. Hipe you wilk be online then :)

    My trainer's name is Hugo ( victor Hugo :p)..whats yours?
    Thank you :D And thank you in advance for the O-powers. I'll make sure to give you some too.
    I'm online now if you wanna trade or battle :p

    I adore Suicune. I want to finish HeartGold so I could catch it :3
    Me too!!!! I adore elegant pokemon!! The moment I saw it I was hooked. I like the fact that it is pure fairy. I like it's signature move. I simply adore it. Yveltal is ok. I like him. Gonna try to get from GTS once I get my Moltres, but Xerneas is by far the best legendary ever ( for me).

    Ok, got it. I just got from uni so I'll add you in like half an hour, my FC is in my profile. My trainer's name is Hugo. Yup, the more the merrier. Besides you seem like a very nice person.
    I totally understand. I like using new mons too. I am currently training 14 pokemon and they are all new except Lucario ( one of my fav pokemons and megas). I also want to use mega scizor and Gardevoir.

    I totally get you. I never delete a save file. I got X solely for Xerneas. That pokemon is amazing!!! One of the best deigns I have ever seen.

    What pokemkn are in ur team? btw, can we exchange FCs? :)
    Looool xd

    Yeah, peoplebxan go from amphifabulous to a doped wolf that is run over by a rusty train.
    God, these megas are fugly. Thankfully we have gems like Mega Lucario. :p

    What version are u playing btw?
    Hahahaha I did feel like I was saying a recipe in my question...s pinch of Syther, tiny bit of metal coat and voila u get a nice juicy mega scizor cake xd

    Mega pinsir and mega heracross have got to be the worst thing I have ever laid my eyes at. Yaaaaaaks
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