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  • It's alright, you aren't late. I like your opinion, so it's fine like that.

    Thanks for reading.
    i had a wonderful Christmas. Got some nice presents, spent time with my family and ate my Nonna's ("grandma" in Italian, if you didn't know) amazing cooking.

    I never cared for Mudkip's family, LOL. And yeah, when I playthrough one of the games, I usually play for long hours at a time.
    (part 2) Oh shoot, I hope you can pay off all of your student loans! It's really not fair how you once you get out of college, you get hit with debt if you took out loans! :/

    I seriously can't believe Xenoblade is a Wii game, either. My Wii would be sitting there useless if it wasn't for Xenoblade! I'm currently focusing on Chrono Cross right now and then after I'll play Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade! :) What are you playing through?

    Oh oh guess what! My brother won an Xbox One, but neither of us wanted it. He told me if I sold it, I could keep the money. So, I sold it on Ebay and I think I have enough to buy a Wii U and SSB! :D
    Woah, I didn't realize I was going to reply 21 days later!! xD I finally got my research paper done and I'm on my 2 week winter break!

    I'm going on a hunt online to find the nearest Vietnamese restaurant! Actually, I think my brother might've had Vietnamese food once, so I'll ask him! Hopefully they'll have vegetarian pho!

    Yaay I'm glad you like those foods! :D You're not big on spices, hm? That's no problem! There are tons of Indian dishes that aren't necessarily spicy. Here are some off the top of my head: palak paneer, mutter paneer, paneer in general, korma, avial, dosa, idli, puri, roti. You might not find these in the same restaurant, as most Indian restaurants serve northern Indian food.

    Haha my parents (especially my dad) always asks if I want to go see the Taj Mahal, but when we do get to India, my mom usually says "Maybe next time!" or "I don't feel like travelling north". XD I actually don't go very often, due to airline prices being a little expensive. However, I think we might be going in July! When I'm there, I usually: stay clear of the bugs (they're freakin' creepy), sit out near the coconut trees, feed the chickens, look at the plants, look at the dog (sadly, many dogs are kept in small enclosures 24/7 to act as watch dogs), walk around, take a rickshaw ride, go shopping, visit my grandma and cousins and I think that's usually it! xD

    What's it like when you visit Jamaica? :) Oh and you're welcome! How was your birthday? :D
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Bidoof & Bibarel, Bouffalant, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow & Purugly, Lickitung & Lickilicky, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
    I went to Walmart for all my Christmas shopping. I was able to save money by combining my dad and his wife, and my mom and her husband; I just got 1 present for each. Same with my sister, and her boyfriend. I am going back this Friday, because I forgot to buy a present for my roommate.

    Yeah, I finished. Twice, actually. Once with Sceptile, and then with Blaziken. Not going to use Swampert, because I am happy with my team.
    Working a lot, so I can afford presents for my family and friends. Other than that, enjoying Omega Ruby a lot. :D
    Being completely bias I would say it was fabulous even without playing Bayo 2 yet. xD But by the sounds of it they must have! I picked up Ni No Kuni, and the Jak & Daxter collection for $10 each myself. Did you get anything noteworthy this weekend? :)

    Ohhh that I need to check out!! But heck every time I influence others in some way it makes me chuckle. :p
    You and I share the same birthday? This makes us birthday buddies (along with Mr. Krabs, Ben Stiller, and Mark Twain, ofc).

    Happy Birthday! :D
    Yeah, I know right?? In many European countries, college tuition is completely free! I feel bad for people who are stuck with so much debt. I'm going to be going to a SUNY (State University of NY) college that's much closer and much cheaper than the private colleges around here.

    Guess what!! I finally bought Xenoblade Chronicles!! :) Thank you so much for offering to let me use your Pro card, but the game was wasn't available online. :)

    Ooo I have a solution to your mango lassi cravings: make mango lassi out of vanilla soy milk! It will taste just as good; I've made it many times with vanilla soy milk! Are there other Indian foods you like?

    Do you buy your sushi with raw or cooked meat? My brother is too chicken to try raw sushi! xD And si si, I'm a vegetarian! :3

    You know, that does sound like a good theory! Not only that, we're the fans who actually stuck around! :)

    Oh my gosh I've always wanted to try pho! Was there something you tried, but you didn't like? xD Woooooaaaahhh his body is on display?!?! I only thought Lenin had his body displayed like that! That sounds so awesome, but scary!! Did you see any sort of French influence while you were there?

    The only countries I've been to in Asia are India, Qatar (airport), and Kuwait (airport). I'm still embarrassed to say I've never seen the Taj Mahal. -_- We usually just go to Kerala to visit my grandma and some relatives. It's actually a nice experience, though!
    With your help Ricky I think I have all my bases covered. xD And heck, I can understand the excitement of getting things you want for dirt cheap it's always a thrill.

    Getting it during a sale might be exactly what I do sometime. x)
    And since I'm already replying to this VM, I might as well reply to the earlier one! xD I don't mind if you reply to this one later, though!

    Haha yes! Mango pie has been around, but I guess it's not really that well known! xD It's super easy to make, too! My mom usually makes a few to take to work holiday parties and everyone loves it! Woah that sounds like an amazing combo! I've usually only heard of cucumber and avocado sushi, so this sounds really good! What other kinds of sushi do you like? I'm limited to the few vegetarian ones, haha. xD Another mango flavored thing you would definitely love is a mango lassi. Have you ever tried one? It's basically a mango smoothie! :)

    Hahaha he is!! xD He looks so cool with his blue scarf/handkerchief! I always wonder why this certain feeling when I play Pokémon doesn't come when I play something else. It would make playing through all of my other games so much easier. -_-

    Ahh, I see. I think it's safe to say that neither of us will hear anything like that from our brothers ever again! xD

    Wow that sounds awesome!! What was the food like? I know Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, but I just wanted to look up what year it was established. Apparently, Hanoi was established in...1010. :0 Now I definitely want to go and learn some history!! I suggest Tokyo, Japan as our first Bulbagarden trip!! xD From there, we could take the bullet train to a different prefecture like Kyoto!
    I know, I saw them!! ;~; I was literally looking at each page meticulously for any mention of Xenoblade and I was so disappointed. No joke, last years ad was 100% better. I'm already kind of upset that I am holding off getting a Wii U and SSB. I really needed to use that money towards buying 6 language college credits in December (which literally costs the same price as a Wii U without tax) and also for college itself.

    If that's even possible, I would be the most grateful person you'd ever spoken to. :0 Oh no! I just checked the website and it's "Currently Not Available Online"! It's okay, though! :) I've had this GS gift card I've been waiting to use for Black Friday time. Hopefully, no one will grab any of those copies! xD Thank you so much for your generosity! :)

    Btw if you haven't pre-ordered ORAS or SSB or any new game you wanted, I suggest looking at ToysRus' Black Friday sale on video games: buy one game, get the 2nd for 40% off. I believe they had this deal last year, as well!
    Mhm that's definitely it!

    I was actually, probably not right away (because well for one there's ORAS) but it did catch my interest. Meanwhile I've been trying to persuade my dad into getting me a Wii U on Black Friday since I have a very very kind friend who bought me Bayonetta 2.
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