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  • Yeaaa. I used to love this time of year because I liked the extra hour of sleep but now my days feel too drawn out which probably sounds odd. xD

    You're totally welcome. :p

    Yeeeep. Luckily I always use my recent activity tab. xD

    So how's fantasy life?
    Argh, it's always apple vs pumpkin! xD Have you ever tried mango pie or anything mango flavored?

    Ooo the Uncharted series! I've heard such great things about that series! I totally understand your pain! I have tons of LoZ games, a lot of Dragon Quest, the older FE games all on my backlog. It's funny how any Pokemon game isn't on either of our backlogs! xD Oh really? What did your brother do? My brother tried to convince me that I would end up like a person he once saw at the theaters who was covered in Powerpuff Girls stuff.

    Wow, you've been to more countries than I have! We should totally suggest a BMGf trip!! XD It would be so frickin fun! How was Vietnam and where did you go?
    I stated it poorly. I am excited for a Pokemon game; it's just that Hoenn never really mattered to me, so I'm not as excited as most people are. (Although if we jot Unova... I'm not saying it is possible yet, but still...)
    I'm working on it. :p And that's the sad thing ain't it? The sun goes away faster, and this time of year is colder.

    Haha. I'm a great influence huh? :p
    Haha well make sure you get as much sunlight as possible! The poor sun is starting to go down at like 4:30pm now or something like that. :(

    And yeah, I'm semi-binge watching some of her Michelle videos and I'm just laughing out loud, they're so good!
    I'm using it to try to get healthier aha and actually get sunlight. xD But anyways, it's fine really! I'm terrible at replying to VMs as well.

    She's funny really! Her Michelle persona is why I adore her channel so much. x)
    DEAR FIR, Thats what i'll call you, Fairy Ice Ricky ;) i noticed you had an extra oras demo code!! So i would love to have it! I would be super grateful! Please respond and thank you, FIR!!
    I'm here to ask for the code, although I can't claim to have priority, and I don't know you very well, I'm afraid. It would be nice though, but no is fine too.
    Same here! xD

    And it did, I only have one class now so I have some breathing room. But I can relate to barely having energy all too well.
    Rent got expensive, so a cousin of mine suggested we move in together. He got me a job where he works, and I'm paying about $300 less on rent, since we're splitting that expense. PA is more quiet than NY, that much I can say. It will take some time to get used to seeing so many mountains and trees, LOL. As for my family, all has been resolved, but thanks for the best wishes. I appreciate it.

    That's how I live. I don't like going out a lot, because I prefer to just chill at home, where a t-shirt and basketball shorts is acceptable attire. :D
    (Haha it's fine! I'm really bad at it, too!)

    Since we've been talking about sweets, do you like pumpkin pie? None of my friends like pumpkin pie and I think they're missing out! XD

    I feel the exact same way!!! TLoZ series is great! The music, the characters, etc, but for some reason, it's just hard for me to actually finish a TLoZ game! ;~; What are the games you really want to make sure you finish? Haha our tastes are similar, but different. He mainly plays shooters and the like, and I'm more into RPGs and Action/Adventure. I feel like he doesn't look at video games the way I do. One time I tried to show him a video of a song from the MOTHER 1/EarthBound Zero vocal soundtrack and he started laughing! >:/ Oh and when I was 12, he tried to tell me to stop liking Pokemon. I think now he's more accepting that the fanbase is mainly made up of teenagers and adults who grew up with Pokemon.

    I really hope you can! :) What countries have you ever gone to? Wouldn't it be fun if BMGf members planned a group trip to Japan? That would be way more than just fun!!! :D My best friend and I are planning to visit mainly Tokyo, but we will probably get a rail pass that can take us to different prefectures. We are not sure what prefectures we exactly want to visit, but we know for sure we want to visit Tokyo and Tochigi prefectures! :) I would loooove to go to Kyoto and see those pavillions!!! I remember including both the Golden and Silver Pavillions in a project I did about Japan in 8th grade.
    I'm good. My life has been a little hectic, moving from NY to PA, dealing with family issues and finding a new job. I've finally settled in, though. How about you?
    I've heard it and I love it entirely. :')

    And I'm okay! Just swamped with schoolwork. How have you been?
    Or I can send you some sweets in a package haha; I live literally right across the post office! XD Have you ever had Tres Leches cake? One of the local bakeries puts this really smooth white cream on it and tops it off with so many fruits! I'm so sorry if I'm making your sweet tooth kick in!! :0

    Ohh I see! Which game was your first Zelda game? I have my original copy of WW, but it's been almost 8 years since I've had it and I have yet to complete it. >.< To be honest, I haven't finished any one of my TLoZ games. I bet once I get the Wii U, my brother's going to be like "I just bought a PS4 and now you bought a Wii U??". He thinks I would only get it to play 1 or 2 games! :/ At least yours are in walking distance! I meant to say within 15 minutes by car, haha.

    Haha thank you! :D You have time any day to travel! Well, when you're not busy of course! :) And nah, it's just that I've always wanted to go to Japan! I want to see what the people are like, the scenery, the art, etc!
    Totally agree. Seems like we have a lot in common. xD

    I always prefer physical over digital copies unless digital versions are lot cheaper. ^^ Let me know what you think of him. :)

    I also plan on getting both, i just haven't decided which would be my first. :D Glad to meet another RSE fan. :)
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