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Fairy Type Arceus

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  • Sorry I was kinda on and off the past couple of days :/ If you want to set a time today or tomorrow we can meet up, I'll also be checking the OU room whenever I can if that works.
    I know, but we'll make it work. Are you available now? I'll be over on the OU chatroom if you can battle.
    Ah sorry I was out for the day. Sucks we keep missing each other but if you're around today I can meet you for the battle.
    Yeah if possible try to battle other gyms so you don't get 3 out of the 8 badges from me :p I can go on the OU chat if you're around. Good luck!
    Right now works, yes. I'll be in the OU Lobby as BBL MachDragonX. Challenge me when you're ready.
    Sure, I'll be available this afternoon/evening time if that works...which gym of mine are you planning to battle?
    Hello, yes we can have a rematch and yes you can use your substitute. It doesn't matter which team member you switch out.

    I'll be completely free to battle after 8 PM EST (GMT -5), but if that doesn't work I'll be online at various points in the afternoon. Message me when you see me online, and I'll do the same when I see you're online.
    Well, I don't really think I can make it at the time we tried in our pervious attempts... Does the time of your last VM work for you?
    Yep, as long as you are willing to battle on Showdown... When do you want to do said match? Oh, and what timezone are you in again?
    Hey there, sorry for my late reply. I can do a rematch now or sometime during the next hour or so.
    Yo! Would you like to battle now for Terra's Tourney? I see that were both currently on~
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