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  • Yo! Would you like to battle now for Terra's Tourney? I see that were both currently on~
    Well my time is PST so if i'm correct, your ahead of me by 3 hours. To me, I posted this post at 3:25 AM~
    Well onto the battle! I can be available trough 4pm-1am PST (my time). I'll try to frequently visit your profile so whenever were both on, i'll drop a VM to make it more convenient~
    May I ask wat time your usually on these lovely forums?
    And we ended up paired against each other in the tournament. My timezone is GMT-5. Best time for me to battle is night time. Just send me a message whenever I'm on.
    Thanks for the offer but someone gave me a code already. Also, I probably wouldn't have anything special to offer.
    Hey, I read your message back in February about the Mew for Meloetta? Are you still offering? I have a Lvl 100 Japanese Mew, and it is legit. Interested?
    Hey there sorry for the late reply. I'm usually free in the mornings (or late at night) Eastern time, let me know what's a good time for you :)
    Nah I wanted the webs for a potential Bisharp sweep, but since your Chandy wasn't a Choice set that put an end to that :p
    It's a defensive stealth rocker - as you can tell, Absol is my Mega. I was expecting Swords Dance, so I went for Fire Blast that turn (200 SpA Tyranitar Fire Blast vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Lucario: 128-152 (88.2 - 104.8%) -- 25% chance to OHKO). Whoops xD
    SP does resisted, Play Rough hits harder. I guess I must've just got a really low damage roll then, huh.
    gg. Was expecting Dark Pulse to kill - are you max SpDef? I thought you'd be max Def when I saw Calm Mind, DPulse does like 10% to +1 4 SDef Sylveon.
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