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Fairy Type Arceus

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  • Hey bro! Would you mind reviewing my fanfiction? I'm always glad to see a few reviews, and was cuirous to see what you think. please give me some feedback. Thanks!
    my folks never even put me on meds, or therapy, or anything. my brother was on meds and talked to a therapist for a few years (he's stopped) for his ADHD/ Anger issues, but they left me on my own from the start, saying I was just born different like everyone else. And then they yell at me for not using "their" logic.
    Hey, just read your comment on my blog. You have asperger's too? The only other person I know with it is nuts. When the teachers didn't want the students clapping after speeches in english, this guy recommended severing their arms. yeah..
    Done. If you want to change a prefix in the future, you can do it on the OP of a thread you made by pressing Edit Post and then going down to Go Advanced and at the top you should be able to edit the thread prefix :)
    Sorry, I just saw this message now. I havent used Bank. Im in the process of completing my Gen 5 National Dex and havent transfered anything, I dont have any event legends for trade, sorry about that.
    Yeah, I read a lot into telling if something is hacked and one of the ways looking at what kind of ball its in. Events usually only come in Cherish Balls (I think except the Pokebank Celebi because that's in a Luxury Ball.. I've seen people trading shiny Mew and I looked it up and from what I can tell, only the Japanese ones are legit. Ones that are English are hacked.
    Yeah, I heard that was the case a couple times. Someone traded me a shiny Dialga and Ho-oh back in gen IV I believe and when I went to transfer them I thought for sure they had to be hacked but they went through. I think the Dialga is definitely legit because I think there was an event, but now I'm not so sure about the Ho-oh.
    In battles, you mean? I'll have to check that out. I never knew that. I knew they had to be legit for Pokebank to accept them.
    It came from an event and it transferred through Pokebank, so I'm assuming everything was legit because I had a few things that wouldn't. I think I got everything through trades.
    No worries, it's the end of the season but if you want you can try challenging the other leaders before we close up.
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