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Fairy Type Arceus

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  • Yeah I understand, you can have a team that you like and works well most of the time and then one gym just shuts it down completely. However it's a slippery slope for us if we start allowing changes so that's why we decided on those rules.

    We are planning to give challengers more flexibility when we go for our actual launch, such as allowing a certain number of substitutes. Also that's one of the advantages of playing in seasons, you may find weak spots in your team when battling against a gym and then you can improve it so that it'll be better prepared for next season.
    There's a fine line with allowing changes in a Pokemon because you can play an entirely different strategy just by altering their items, movesets, EVs, etc. You can have a team built to battle a certain type and change it up so that it can handle another type, which detracts from the point of challenging yourself which is the point of the league.
    You never know, keep trying! Whoops make sure to keep your items the same or else the battles are void. :p
    Crawdaunt is one of my two signature mons, the other being Bisharp. I love them very much <3 (Fun fact: Adaptability Crawdaunt's Aqua Jet is stronger than even Huge Power Azumarill's!)
    Adaptability + Life Orb + you were holding an item = 253.5 BP off of a 189 Atk stat. I'd be more surprised if you weren't OHKOed. :p
    Haha true...well Normal has the largest pool of Pokemon to pick from, so an all-Normal team will have a lot of options.
    Yeah :/ Well you can use an Imposter Ditto with Choice Scarf as a replacement and copy the opponent's Mega.
    Ah no unfortunately not, we're following the Smogon tiers and gym leaders are under the same constraints as the challengers.
    Sure thing, glad you're enjoying it. We're aiming for the league to be a fun place as well as give people a challenge and a learning place to work on their teams. :)

    We'll be running this on a seasonal system (roughly 3 months) and then have an Elite 4 that those who received 8 badges will challenge afterwards. Then we'll have an off-season to give everyone a break before we kick off the next season, then repeat.
    No worries, thanks for the interest though. If it ever works out then feel free to post an application again.
    Ah, just post in the season 0.5 thread to say that you want to apply as a gym leader (and what type) so it's public and the other gym leaders are aware. We'll be looking over all applicants during the season and we'll let them know if they've been accepted when it's over.
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