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  • Kaori. It's been rather enlightening, being in this kind of relationship; I've gained a new appreciation for how much technology has improved the efficacy of communication and contact. We can text, we can Skype, we follow each other on Tumblr, we're on Facebook together, we have the forums... the distance is still a big hurdle, but it's not nearly as much of one as it would have been 10-20 years ago.
    Yeah, it's much easier to swim across town than to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. We've been together since December of 2012, and we met a few months before that after she joined staff. We've only managed to meet up once, unfortunately, but that's balanced out a bit by the fact that it was three days in Paris, France. It was a really great time, even walking to McDonald's because that was the most romantic food we could afford between us felt sublime because I got to be with her for even that sliver of time.
    Been doing ok, had my ups and downs but 2014 has been generally decent so far. I'm working on a novel series and am almost done with high school. Been looking at some possible trips to take over the summer, hopefully to visit my girlfriend in England, though if not that somewhere else in Europe or potentially Japan are options if the money's there. High school has been a tough four years so I'd like to be able to celebrate finally getting out in a big way if at all possible.
    uh... yeah. although i fixed it something like thirty minutes after you sent that message to me.
    the same goes to you, buddy!
    unfortunately my skype is currently.... out of commission. >_>
    i havent been on bulbagarden in forever, and i rarely go on facebook.

    so the answer is no =P
    still only working the FB? not sure what that means.

    good to hear that your degree is done! and moving up in jobs is always helpful, I will say.
    good luck on getting kelsey up to washington with you!
    my goodness it really has been a while!

    i'm doing pretty swell! done with finals, and I have a job lined up. I'm gonna attempt to be active on bulba again, so... hopefully I'll be around more this summer.

    how are you doing?
    no not really
    ive literally wanted this name for about a year but then i found out the person using it was a sockpuppet
    so i nabbed it

    also, the self-inflicted (???) demotion probably didnt help clear things up either
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