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Recent content by Falconwing

  1. Falconwing

    A massive new bunch of staffers!

    You seem like a good lot. I look forward to firin- I mean working with you.
  2. Falconwing

    Why People No Read Fanfiction and Write Thoughts?

    As a former mod and writer in this section I'd like to weigh in a bit on this question. While I have not frequented the workshop much since my time here (circa 2010), I'd hazard a guess that standard practices haven't changed all that much. Even back in the day there were only ever a couple...
  3. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    You have made this very clear multiple times. You do not need to keep posting it.
  4. Falconwing

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    By the end of the main game my team was at level 60. It took over 40 hours to get that far. Training up to level 100 for hyper training is going to be a pain. However, the exp share and the Gen V exp system did make for an overall more challenging game and I did appreciate that.
  5. Falconwing

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Two things I want to correct in this because they are often overlooked in these discussions. 1. It's not highly unlikely, it's flat out impossible that GF are not currently working on something (almost certainly a Pokemon games unless they want more horse poker). This is their job, their...
  6. Falconwing

    What did you like about Sun&Moon?

    This game gets pretty tough towards the end. I had considered not using the exp share but oh boy am I glad I did. The champion's pokemon were on par level wise with my team and 4 of my pokemon went down in the battle. I appreciated the fact that the game did get progressively tougher and more...
  7. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    For the record, we have three threads right now in which people have been discussing Stars. The mods most certainly did not tell you to stop with stars. We have a rumor and nothing has come forth to outright prove it to be false. So please feel free to discuss it so long as you can keep it...
  8. Falconwing

    Spoilers The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread

    Pushed through all of Ula'Ula Island in Sun yesterday. Man, the game really picks up at this point. I felt like I was discouraged from branching off and running around and catching pokemon just because of all the of the story stuff getting thrown at you. I gotta say, I enjoyed the assault on Po...
  9. Falconwing

    Generation VII confirmed!

    It is becoming increasingly harder to not want to solo the rest of my Sun run with Mudsdale. This guy is ridiculously powerful for the main game.
  10. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    If you propose that Spain will be the template for a future region you have to take into account that it will share many connections with the Kalos region. You may not be able to travel there, but it's be unreasonable to expect the games to not future NPCs, Pokemon, and elements from Kalos.
  11. Falconwing

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    I think you guys are reading too much into him using Yellow as an example. Generation 1 is the easiest Pokemon generation to reference and Yellow is commonly believed to be a standard third version by most people, especially those that are not super into the series. When you get down to it each...
  12. Falconwing

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Well, currently it IS dummied out data. More likely we'll see a January or February announcement. I say January only because there's a chance it could be tacked onto the big Switch discussion.
  13. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    We don't get new Pokemon mid generation, only new forces. New Pokemon lead to compatibility issues, which is why mythical Pokemon are already in the game's code years before release. Any pokemon scrapped can be reused later in other games. This is a recurring practice for Sugimori's design...
  14. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Pre Gen V I would have agreed with you on that, but it's all subjective in the end.
  15. Falconwing

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Just so we're on the same page... how do you define a "port"?