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Julia. 20. Freshman in college, studying graphic design. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was seven. I love the main series games and the Adventures manga, and the anime is something I watch for nostalgia purposes, although I am enjoying the latest series.

I'm an avid writer, but I'm my own worst critic and refuse to publish my fanfictions no matter how many people tell me they're great.

I'm available for battling, but please send me a PM so we can work something out. My current college schedule prevents me from being on my DS all the time.

Researching about the Wars of the Roses, writing, reading, listening to music, painting, creating silly playlists, etc.
July 8
Favorite Pokémon Type
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Favorite Gym Badge
Fortree City Feather Badge
Unemployed College Student


Platinum Friend Code: 4428-0341-9435

SoulSilver Friend Code: 2709-9984-3194

Black Friend Code: 4428-2129-6693

Black 2 Friend Code: 5244-0942-6506

I always root for the ships that don't get a lot of love. :ksmile: