• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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    But for the Fate series, the Fate/Stay Night visual novel is the best place to start off with that franchise (avoid the anime except for the openings, it's a terrible mess).
    Is the Fate/Stay Night anime that bad?
    With all hope not being lost just yet imo. Its been 9 years last time we saw her which is outrageous, to see original female and someone who was among vital three main proptagonist which enabled that pokemon anime beconmes popular and valued in first place end up forgotten like last trash.

    And if main anime is only mean to see Misty in some actual role again doing build up on her water master dreams, personal desire, explore more on her motives and past which left much more to be desired im willing to accept risk(since chronicles obviously became abandoned)than so be it.

    At very least for 10 to 15 episdodes. There is Gyarados which could mega evolve, E4 Siebold who is basically water master and writers could develop subplot in Misty going through struggles trying to impress him and end up taken as apprentice teaching her secrets about water pokemon, Kalos is based on France Misty always fantasized of visiting, there is battle Chateau or writers could possibly have some powerful expert hosting tournaments similar to Whirl Cup expandinbg on master of water title. Seeing Mistya in action again, do follow up and develop more and bring m ore life in linear, monotone main cast we have in XY with her emotional, brash, sarcastic and optinmistic, adventurous attitude.

    Who knows maybe i am optimistic fool. But step toward pokemon becoming better is in building bridges back toward past increasing continuity, recalling on Ash past adventures and important persons in his life and series history. Bringing more potential to storyline, excitement and identity that ways. Increasing people respect for writers work and desire to actually bother watching anime.;-)
    Dunno to me as long we have long running anime with Ash around set in same timeline and continuity im iof belief how past companions should be acknowledged getting returm there. I would be rather skeptic over rebooting Misty character changing her history, memories, past achievements, dreams, possibly even personality.

    Because with all mistreatments i genuinely enjoyed in Misty growing more mature and independent over time. Being amazing in chronicfles, Hoenn appearances or Master Quest(ignoring middle of Johto which wasnt good for anyone tbh)brimming with pride, enthusiasm and slight arrogance in positive funny way. With obtain of Gyarados, relese of Togetic, hilarious interactions with Tracey and Daisy having bonding moments as sisters when battling with Luvdisc as much as big sus got on Misty nerves with her vanity sometime driving her crazy being one of best, most memorable moments Misty had in show.

    Being full of fire and humor as person there.

    Im aware of all risks present within current anime with word messed up being frankly understatement given how much things deteriorated.
    Disrespect toward history, destroyed continuity, stagnation of main characters and abandoning previous companions like their story, impact left on anime and staying characters like Ash and everything they offered to anime was pointless and never mattered in longer run turned once great anime in shell of its former self losing identity, reputation and great deal of appeal it used to have.

    But just like we as humans fall, do mistakes we can also learn how to get up. Writers are capable of doing really really bad job, but at same time it was showed to us numerous times how they can and know when inspired how to exceed themselves and create remarkably solid and impactful stoyline or character development for those they write for leaving us positively surprised. Especially better ones like Tomioka or Takegami imo.
    Dont get me wrong. Misty is still popular thanks to strong legacy and powerful impact she left on viewers, but with each passing year and her absence support and love for this character is slowly but surely dying out. All thanks to writers careless and terrible strategy of treating female girls of pokemon like trash leaving them gone with unfinished dreams, unfinished interests and chance to get advanced forward. Be acknowledged for their impact and importance left on pokeseriese erasing their legacy. And as of lately males are receiving same faith too.

    Other long running anime dont do that with each character staying relevant, progressing, experiencing new adventures giving new material and excitemnent to their fans. Continuing in playing role in show until very end. Only pokemon disrespects and abandon its important characters like they were "nothing".

    Its sad and tragic how tooth of time can change general reception and interest in some character,with things not hoiong to change for better unless Misty comesback increasing hype and people interest for her again. I feel sorry for Mayumi IIzuka, she really likes and cares for Misty wanting to voice her again. But it seems like those in charge just dont want to allow it.

    p.s. Sorry if i bother. This was probably boring read, just thought i could share my observations with you.:sweat:
    You know i was pondering over this for quite some time.

    I noticed that longer character is absent instead of missing people stop caring for characters. For example in Misty case extremely long gap ever since she returned in person(almost decade ago), slowly but surely caused people starting to lose interest in her character unfortunately. Longer character is forgotten and ignored with nothing new to talk about or keep fans excited, the chance of people stopping to care increases. I knew so many people which used to like MIsty, but nowadays dont care at all.

    And atmosphere of forums is largely different. Back in 2008. when i just joined bulbagarden for example places were flooded with Misty supporters and demand for her return not just for appearance, but return to main cast. Nowadays demand and support for her is well nonexistant.

    This reflected unfavorably for pokeshipping too. I mean before pokeshipping used to be most popular Ash ship on serebii or bulbagarden for example. But ever since Serena came in picture, i know quite a few fans which turned back on that ship starting to fully support AshxSerena pairing joining bandwagon. Because of Misty being forgotten for last 9 years hearing claims how writers "buried her character in past" not having any hope of something ever coming out of it. Viewing Serena as next and most "realistic" possibiilty.

    People also either dont want to remember or dont remember how Misty character was left unfinished, how her dreams of becoming water master, interest in E4 members like Lorelei just like in games wanting to reach such power creep viewing her as idol, many unexplored things about past, her pokemon like Psyduck, her own fears and motives was left untied and left hanging in air. With character clearly having lot of potential which is still there and could be used being full of life, fire, playful quirks and passion required to have compelling and strong character.
    Do it yourself. :mad: My opinion is law, no responding.

    Nah, got to it already. Sorry for the wait, I was watching Korra.
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