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  • Yeah, Bulbagarden isn't a bad site, I've had some crappy experiences here but I have to say it has some pretty reasonable people overall. I think both forums have their pros and cons after spending a sizable amount of time frequenting both, though Bulbagarden's anime section seems to be pretty inactive.
    That's a good thing at least, I was worried Bulba was becoming one of "those" sites. The ones that just silence you for no reason with no justification and expect their actions to be rhetorical. At least they gave you some form of justification for why.
    That's good to hear. Finals are always a huge stress to me, so hopefully you'll get some nice relaxation before heading back to school.
    Yeah, that's weird. :/ Well she's probably busy, it's odd though since she's very active on Twitter and usually post art there. It's okay if she doesn't send you a reply, I just won't post any of her art. I wouldn't be comfy with touching it if she hasn't given a definite answer. It seems like a number of Pixiv artist tend to not reply to messages.
    Its ok, thats life. Sometimes it gives you great moments filled with joy, while sometime it knocks you down making you realize how short life really is. And how all those petty fights, disagreements and miniscule concerns are meaningless with only important thing being your family and friends. To cherish and value moments spent with them making best use out of it.

    This serves as wake up call making you reconsider way you perceived and looked at others around yourself bringing family closer in tough times.

    Ill be fine, im not person which easily breaks down. Trying to find optimism and hope in everything.

    p.s. Sorry to hear that your attempts to get girl attention and possibly develop substantial relationship later on didn't went according to plans. I know that feeling, especially when you find out she is already occupied. It makes you feel awkward, stupid, sometime even cheated out lol. But you learn as you live and im sure you will find great female companion. Who is smart, pretty, selfrighteous, caring, loyal and interesting person. World is pretty big place, although sometime it doesnt seem that way haha. But yeah there are plenty of great girls to get know, become friends and if faith becomes amicable toward it even something more. :D
    Its ok, no worries. Better ever than never is my motto. :p

    Eh life could've been better. Bane after bane is present in my life currently(grandma death and now mom ending in hospital), but im optimist and believe thing will change for better. Dawn will come by, no matter how long night lasts eventually. Hehe.
    Oh, thank you. I know she has a Twitter she's much more active on, but pixiv would probably be better. Thanks for the translation help, sorry if it's a bother. Anyway:

    "Hello, I'm from Tumblr. My username is cheekrub.tumblr.com, I'm a huge AniPoke fan like yourself and often like to dedicate my time to making various graphics, gifs, screenshots, analysis, reviews, discussions and pictures of AniPoke for the enjoyment of others. I'm a huge fan of your art and think it's absolutely lovely and I know you're a fan of Best Wishes! and Iris and your work brings me so much joy since the people around me seem to dislike both, I've been following your work for years. I posted a picture of Satoshi and Luchabull you made and just checked your profile out of curiosity, to find that you might not be comfortable with your work being posted on Tumblr. I just wanted to ask permission if possible to post more of your work, it would be a privilege to have your blessing since I love your art and always will, and I understand if you don't want to give me your permission and if you wish for me to remove the Satoshi and Luchabull picture I will quickly and effectively.

    The work-in-progress of your Corni picture looks simply stunning and I can't wait to see the finished product, the art on your Twitter is also very vivid and beautiful. Even though I can't understand Japanese much, I still love viewing your Twitter and the various post your make on AniPoke, art and screenshots. ^^ I hope you're enjoying Citron, Eureka, MegaVolt, Corni, Satoshi, Serena, PeaceSmile, the Pokemon, Lucario and everything XY is offering. Best Wishes and thanks for your time!"

    I sound so embarrassing. >_<
    I haven't, I'm not sure if she can understand English. Should I try an English message? The artist is Sweet May/Mei/picca, if you know her work.
    If possible I was wondering if you could help me with typing a message in Japanese for a Pixiv artist who might not want their work post on another site(Tumblr). Sorry to ask, but this is something that has been eating at me for a while and I'm not fluid in Japanese to really message her confidently via copy/paste methods.
    Origins should have done all sorts of things, but there is only so much that could have been inserted into a 90-minute special. They did focus on Generation I despite the FRLG-like designs. I believe that Tajiri did envision Silver as Giovanni's son, which Origins failed to allude to since it would have deviated from the Generation I story. It would have also been better to end the special with Red setting out to the Sevii Islands due to Oak telling him about more Pokémon; maybe Red even thought that he might find Mew there. The ending should have included foreshadowing of Red's future, but I don't consider the lack thereof a deviation from the games.

    I guess that there is a bigger problem than whether or not Origins is canon. Is anything that Game Freak have done with Tajiri's characters since he left, canon?
    There's a lot of things in the special that don't align with the source material anyway and borders around "alternate interpretation" rather than expansion, which is part of the reason why I dropped the whole "Game Freak might have had some input" thing right when it aired.
    Care to explain this point? Your review is mostly about the special staying too close to the Generation I games.

    Here are the liberties that I can think of:

    1. Mega Evolution and Fuji's connection to it.
    2. The Master Ball project not being completed.
    3. Giovanni's backstory and his resolution to return to his roots.
    4. The lack of the Sevii Islands and Pokémon from subsequent generations (aside from Slowking in the Hall of Fame).

    Every one of these points makes sense, though.

    1. Fuji's past is so shrouded with mystery that his connection to Mega Evolution doesn't contradict anything, except for the fact that he didn't give Red a Mega Stone in the games for obvious reasons (this is the sort of liberty that Game Freak would probably take if they remade FRLG or even just referenced Red and Fuji in ORAS).
    2. The Master Ball would have detracted from the final encounter with Mewtwo. Not every benefit that Game Freak gave the player should be incorporated into an actual story.
    3. Who's to say that this isn't what Tajiri imagined when he envisioned the story? The HGSS event wasn't his work, so I'd like to think that he had a more interesting idea for Giovanni's past and future.
    4. In FRLG, the player had to access the Sevii Islands prior to catching Mewtwo, but this requirement was fairly arbitrary. Origins switching the order of events is a very acceptable liberty given the time constraints. I would imagine that if Red hadn't encountered Moltres on Mt. Ember first, he would have found it in Victory Road as in the original games.
    I am not even sure I should bother posting about this. Some people didn't even believe the timeline claim and I could be accused of faking the text. I wouldn't be surprised.

    Matsumiya hasn't replied to my question about Kris, so I really don't know what makes this guy tick. It seems pretty arbitrary.
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