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  • Sorry but I need to vent here.

    Something that got my goat when looking at a past threads on PokeSpe was when Yamii said that the PokeSpe characters are generic and one-dimensional while being an watcher of the Anime. This just makes my head hurt. The characters of PokeSpe aren't anything ground-breaking in terms of Manga overall nor are they very three-dimensional. Yet somehow the characters of the Anime are "better."

    There's a reason Pokemon Manga like Special are liked better. It's because they actually show some goddamn effort in terms of plotting and characterization. Even if it's not as godly like some fanboys make it out to be, it's still more gripping than the Anime that either tries too little or too hard. Even if the PokeSpe characters can seem one-note, it still shows that Kusaka cares about what story he's telling and what characters he's writing.
    I don't believe that the differences between the Japanese and English version are that huge.

    Also, Serena is a companion, but if you care to watch it; her role has been a dissapointment for me, speciually after XY7.

    SatoSere is cute, but definitely overhype by the fandom (and girl magazines, that is). And I don't want SatoSere to actually hurt Serena as a character.

    See the mewest episode as you see that every pokemon has at least 3 attacks except ...... who only has 1 attack named .....

    His activity is already causing that even one of the merchandise that was meant to release with Ash on 21st March is being delayed as far as I know. Ash's merch is still in the initially schedule date).

    I don't think that the XY series is bad... Satoshi is better than Best Wishes, Citron and Eureka are good companions (I didn't want Citron because his ugly design, I got over that), Team Rocket are more entertaining than Best Wishes. But Serena is another history, I liked her at timnes, I had hope of her but I'm already losing the hope of having a role. If Serena wasn't meant to do nothing in the upcoming episodes but SatoSere posters (that doesn't mean SatoSere episodes), I prefer her being out, in all honestly.
    Nah, that role kinda goes to Hugh since Hilbert and Nate aren't featured (I saw them as dead weight mostly).
    That's something I do with Rosa: she looks like a carefree, sweethearted girl when I portray her as a rebellious teenage girl who's good at fighting on her own and has a bit of reputation in her school (I think I referred to her as a female Yusuke Urameshi).
    Retired my Mei avatars for the time being. Yes, hell has frozen over.

    Might change back Mei in the future.
    An interesting Thread

    Also some people have been saying how Crystal's Fear of Faillure "came out of nowhere." While it wasn't explicitly touched upon before Volume 11, Crystal did show a lot of dedication and pride in her work with the twist later being that she hates it when she fails, especially to catch Suicune of all Pokemon.
    Gah, why does time fly so fast.

    -Gray? Is that the Japanese name for Boulder?
    -Do you think whoever made Origin stalks your blogs? :p
    -Hmm, wait, it's from the second movie......damn I forgot that lol
    - They should've done that LONG ago in the anime.
    -Wonderful, I still wonder if that white hair person is a guy or a girl
    - So, she'll be 'special'.
    - Serena X Sana is way too popular in this fandom.
    -Oh, it more than does that.
    - Yeah, I like Eureka very much!

    He did a good job, I must say.

    Ha, that's wonderful. I thought someone like you would love the anime considering how you are an upcoming manga artist of sorts :p.

    Ah. Then you don't have a tumblr? I see a lot of bmgf members finding refuge in tumblr =P

    LOL, so I wasn't the only one who thought so! They're stalking you!!

    Serena, ahhh, I hope they do something with her quickly. It's not like they are doing much Satoshi X Serena fanservice either. I don't see the point of her existence. :<
    By the way, I couldn't help but remember your Sayako when rumors Serena being a childhood friend came back when XY Anime wasn't out yet.
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