• Magnificent Entertainer heads toward Hearthome City and befriends the Berry Master. Watch here as his berry powers grow immensely.
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  • All of them sound interesting.

    -Hmm, I wonder what this change is.
    -I think Origin's female characters were cute, even the random unimportant characters. So yeah, she's a great character.
    -I did watch YuYuHakusho, it's a good anime. I watched till the end. But my memory on it is vague. And the Kasumi saving Satoshi.......I can't help but remember Special for some reason. Does it have a similar scene?
    -Kidnapped by Team Rocket? =X
    -Sounds more Japanese, no big complaint here.
    -Ooooh, I want to learn more. Any relation to N? Or just like that?
    -Mega Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur!!
    -Yeah, but it did have a good background story. The "weapon" and everything I mean. And lol, are you a fan of Serena X Sana? A lot of people seem to ship them.
    - Oh, you will have fun drawing her then. Looks cute..........and eeerily similar hairstyle to Mei? Tell me, do you "like" twin-tails?
    -I see. They won't be the main cast, but you like them from the anime?

    And wow, these Mewtwo look great. Did you make them?

    So, are you uptodate with it or something? I am in the third season of the anime. I heard the manga has far more references than the anime.

    And wait! You are suift-duroo on tumblr??
    Wonderful! Any more developments in the storyline department though? I have been watching an anime series called "Bakuman". It's a series on manga authors, yes! So, I actually know some terms Japanese manga authors use like "Name" (they use the English word) etc. It's a fun anime, and references many currently famous manga. In case you haven't watched it/read it, you might love it?
    Aww thanks, nice to hear from you too again. I had great time enjoying in company with friends and family in warm, cheerful environment. I only wished snow falled evoking spirit of Christmas days fully with its white magical cloak. But aside from that it was very memorable and endearing atmosphere. Hope everything is going great for you too having pleasant and great time with lot of fun. Lately i have been pretty inactive for understandable reasons, hehe.
    Ah i see, yeah i figured out how he most likely had no input in anime series or any influence within its production. Oh Tajiri was executive director for gen 3? Didn't knew that, nice to know and haha yeah i can see from where your enthusiasm for gen I and II games stems from. Because looking back you can tell SAtoshi really piut lot of effort and work in making them memorable and truly eventful. I mean fact how whole gen 2 was creeated as actual sequel to gen 1 following events which happened before after three year timeskip growing up NPC characters making both regions interchangeable within each other, introduced many beautiful landscapes and mystery behind itself makes it special and unique in lot of aspects .

    Nostalgia or not first 2 generations have some really positive features about them and genuine ideas to be liked. And same applies to anime in sense as far as Original series goes having more emotion, depth and originality(yes im willing to make thorough case for Johto in its better aspects as well because beginning and Master Quest still contained rich and natural characterization within main cast which had most touching goodbye filled with lot of emotion and complex interactions of all other groups Ash traveled with for reason, lot of dramatic twists and siome of that wacky, mature atmopshere pookemon had in its early days) compared to everything happening afterwards.

    Feel free to disagree, but thats how i feel about it. :p
    You know something about your blog and common misconception of people mistaking Ishihara with Satoshi Tajiri got me thinking. Was mr. Tajiri ever involved in anything related to pokemon anime and how much of influence as original creator of pokemon games in reality he has in whole pokemon franchise and business?

    Or he has no saying at all?

    Just curious.
    I actually already have one, so no need to worry about the Hinbass. I'm free to give you the Miju regardless if you still want it XD
    I'll just go and doze off then. xD I'll be on later for the trade and hopefully I'll have something for you too, even though it's not required.
    I gotta run home really quick, my 3DS is dying. I'll have the Miju for you later, don't worry about the Hinbass if you can't get it though XD I don't mind trading with no return.
    If you want, I might be able to get you a Miju, Tsutarja, Pokabu, Hinoarashi, Waninoko, etc. with some time on GTS. Assuming you don't have em' yet.
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