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  • Haha Naaaw you're makin me blush, Lauren! ^_^

    I daresay Ill get a job soon...just gotta keep looking. Then people will finally get off my back...
    As for the DW...well I still need to put something to sleep. I cant access it atm.

    Well, its really nice to see you whenever you're on. I hope you get everything sortted soon, though!
    Haha Well Im glad we both have avatars that actually represent us, personally. :)

    Gah...I didnt get it, again. :(
    I honestly dont remember the last time I was on the DW...probably at least a week. :p
    I dont think Iv even unlocked the Sky yet.
    Hahaha Im glad you think so! Its always flattering to see someone using an avatar that I made (such as yours) and its even better when I get something from them out of gratitude. Like, I didnt even ask her for that, and she made me one. :)

    Ah thats a shame. Well, hopefully all will be sorted soon.
    Things are goin alright for me...got another job interview on Monday. :)
    Haha thanks! RikkiStar drew it for me after I drew that avatar for her. :)
    Its kinda a fusion of me and a golden Muk.
    And yeah, I decided to mix up my font a bit too. :p

    Well, Im missing you being here too! Damn web problems.
    Yeah, it is yummy...but I guess I just have to be in a chocolate-consuming kind of mood. Otherwise I feel sick almost immediately. And I cant eat room-temperature chocolate either. It has to be straight out of the fridge.

    Thats awesome! Ill keep an eye out for you if I get the chance to go on...I havnt been on in over a week...
    Hahaha What is it with women and chocolate? Seriously, its not that good for you, and it gets boring after a while (says he who consumed an entire chocolate bunny before getting out of bed this morning).

    With the word 'girl' in your name, Im amazed you dont have a backlog of requests! I mean, the main reason I kept talking to you after we initially traded was coz you're a girl. Not that Im regretting that at all...you're an amazing girl.
    Just keep looking and dropping requests with people that have good share shelf/ berry stock. Thats what I do.

    And Im sure there's nothing to worry about. :)
    Well of course you got more eggs when you were younger! Easter is more of an occasion for kids than adults.
    Ive kinda gone off chocolate recently anyway...but my Easter went fairly well. :)

    Aaaw that sucks. Usually guys jump at the chance to befriend a girl on the internet. Im sure some will accept soon.

    I thought thhey had removed that limit...well its not like its been 50 days yet, so really theres nothing to worry about. Im sure they'll give us an option to delete records of sent Pokemon when the time is right.
    Aw thats awesome! It must be nice to just get away for a few weeks. :)
    I trust you had a good Easter?

    Cool! What are your DW Pals names? I could keep an eye out for them.
    My DW Pals are Avery, Stacey, and KatyMary.
    And dont worry, your berries wont die in the DW.
    So if you're done with your project does it mean you'll finally have more free time.
    Of course I missed ya! Where have you been? I mean, where fif you go, for a few days?

    Well...chances are you wont be able to find any real-world, or non-DW friends, so just go to a random island (preferably one with some good berries) and when you're in front of their house, at the top of the screen should be a 'Send Friend Request' option. Then its up to them to accept. :)
    For the record, my DW username is GoldenMuk, just like here. Whats yours?
    No we didn't do it, not a lot of people went that day and it was raining like hell so we didn't do anything in any of the classes I ended up leaving early too.
    It's really good and really funny too.

    So what have you been up to, did you finish that project of yours?
    I didnt know that. Mind you, I dont use a Zorua/Zoroark, so why would I? :p
    And you use an Archeops too??

    Hahaha Some people never learn...Im not too big on piercings on girls anyways.

    Well, good news! My best friend managed to find me in the DW, so its possible! However, if you make yourself some DW friends, itll make it alot easier to find you.
    Oooh I thought the ability only worked if it went out first. So it just uses the image of the Pokemon behind it?
    Thats very sneaky. But dont forget Zoroark is also weak to Fighting types.

    Haha I think Sharona might too...shes in kinda bad shape atm.
    Ow well thats still no good. But at least its not serious.

    Oh I wish we could be DW friends too! Only...Ive been trying to find my best friend since day 1...no luck. Theres no way to find a specific person in the DW aside from luck. I even heard that if you exchange FCs, you wont be able to find that person in the DW. That hasnt been confirmed, though.
    Well, I know have a female Rain Dish Surskit with Hydro Pump, and a femal Scrappy Taillow with Mirror Move to add the my DW list! :D
    Hmm. Yeah you may have a point, but most people who use a Zoroark like to make use of its ability, which makes them predictable.

    Aw jeez. The only time Sharona has ever had a flat tyre is when my mum used her to run over a screw. Well, that wasnt her intent, but she still did it.
    I hope nothing major is wrong with your friend.

    Yes! I know! Ive already been to the Dream World today and got myself a Frisk Sentret! :D Its so awesome there..
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