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  • I'll probably end up in a service company. For example, if a company wants a computer program for calculating tax easily, then they would ask the service company and me and some others would create that. Or some other institute wants a website create and ask us to make it and other stuff like that.

    My holidays started on April 1st and will go on till late July! In general we have summer holidays from mid April to mid June. In the last semester of my course though, we only had 2 exams and a project submission so, it was wrapped up quickly. And post graduate programs begin very late. Mine starts on the 28th.

    Haha, I've been playing fifa 14 and skyrim for almost 10 hours over the last couple of weeks. Last night, there was smoke coming out of my laptop!

    Yep, studying programming. and Other computer related stuff like networking.


    I've had the longest holiday period in my life right now! Almost 4 months. I must've destroyed my laptop's graphic card by now!

    Hehe you don't know how lazy I am to continue the costume. xD I still need to figure out a way to keep myself cool in it (was thinking about adding some ice packs).

    Hehe but you can agree Free! Sosuke is cool, right? XD I've never heard of that anime, but it looks really interesting! :0 Woahhhh this dude is hot!!! Thanks for telling me about this show!! XD They can really turn into dogs? As Colonel Roy Mustang says, "I love dogs!!!!"

    And yeah..about that! XD I didn't think I would need the e-shop to buy a few games (AA: Dual Destinies is download only). I always put a higher age when I register for things (not here, of course) and I should've put an earlier year. ^ ^; I'm a physical copy person, so I'll just buy everything else from like Amazon! I have SMT 4 and I have yet to finish it! I was thinking of getting into the SMT series, actually! FF and KH, too. Should I start with one of the PS2 SMT games or from the very first game? By the way, I just realized right now I only have 3 3DS games! :0
    Hey! Yeah it's been a long time!

    I graduated from college and got admission in the post graduate institute I wanted to join!:ksmile:

    I have no idea what that was. It was probably a huge unfinished typo, but I can't remember what it was. xD
    Well actually this is only my second cosplay! xD I really liked Haku's design as a dragon and I also love Spirited Away! I also saw a few other people cosplay him on DeviantART, so that encouraged me even more! I'm still working on the head, but I'll show you a pic once I'm done with that! I just have to add the eyes and horns. :3

    Ohh I see!

    Do you want a sneak peek of the new Free! character? x3 Sosuke Yamazaki

    Haha there's just a few games I wanted to buy (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Devil May Cry series) that are M-rated. Dual Destinies is on the Nintendo e-shop and I can't buy it until this Sunday. XD Oh of course! I would never give up Pokemon for something that's "adult".
    Thanks :)

    Yeah, they didn't, you had to go through English and French class. What does France have to do with Portugal or why we have to learn its language? I have no idea, portuguese education system is weird. Eh, not really interested in continuing German anyway.
    Pretty good! :D I'm starting volunteer work at the wildlife hospital this Sunday! I'm also playing through a few games and working on my cosplay of Haku from Spirited Away!

    Yup! haha pick both of them then! :D I lovelovelovelove Makoto <3<3 Have you started watching season 2? There's a new guy who's really cool! x3

    Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog post! xD I was really surprised they would draw for us!

    I'm turning 17! Finally old enough to legally purchase M-rated games!

    Why thank you! :3
    Yeah, that is also an just n
    Intriguing subject matter. I was just also fascinated by his descriptions of what had powered the city.
    I'm in between jobs, unemployed at the moment.

    Nah, between 7th and 9th grade it was obligatory to take French classes, i barely mannaged to pass it and i'm glad i don't have to go through it again xD I understand Spanish because Portuguese and Spanish are similar, just don't ask me to talk in Spanish, my sister speaks perfect Spanish though because she's living in Spain. German is an interesting language, didn't have much trouble but it was because they were teaching basic German, i bet if i wanted to learn the hard part of German i would probably fail miserably.
    Oh carpenter's helper is not my actual job, my dad asks me for help from time to time and he pays, i'm in between jobs.

    I wished it was like French xD barely mannaged to pass in French class and i already forgot most of what i've learned, hell i had better test scores in German class.
    I'm not a carpenter, i'm the carpenter's helper, i wanted be a carpenter when i was a kid because pretty much every kid at a young age wants to have the same job as their father :) You love portuguese language? Nice :D
    Hey how are you doing? :D I was done with school (gonna be a senior in the fall!!) on June 16th and was officially done on the 24th! :)Hehe who's your favorite swimmin' boy?! Makoto is sososo awesome! x3

    Oo this company looks really nice!! I was actually looking for another cruelty-free lotion, so I think I might try this brand too!

    My birthday is this Sunday. :3
    I'm from Portugal. Yeah it does, it's used to make cabinets, floors, roofs, furniture and such, the wooden boards we are cleaning is to make a roof of a house.
    I'm really exhausted, worked with my dad all day at his workshop (i don't really know the correct english name for it), he's a carpenter and we spent the entire day cleaning 200 wooden boards (you pass the wooden board through a machine to clean it).
    Oh gosh I'm so sorry for the really late reply! I needed a day when I had like no homework to reply. XD Yeah I know!! :( I'm currently using an organic shampoo and conditioner and an organic lotion, all by the company Desert Essence. That shampoo and conditioner works really well with my hair and the company manufactures their products in the county next to mine!

    Oo! Oo! I'd like to add Wonder Balls to our nostalgic junk food list! I used to get back headaches from all the sugar, but it's so nostalgic (loved the stickers they put in there too)!! Whenever I went to this specific store, I would either get a Wonder Ball or that bubble gum tape!

    Oh yes yes Earthlings is both graphic and bloody (mainly factory farms, fur and animal testing parts I would say are bloody). This film reminds me that I have a reason for being a vegetarian and animal activist. Whenever someone asks why I don't eat meat, I tell them it's because I don't like eating animals. They silence but I know they have more to say, but they just haven't seen the horrors. You want to know something? I found out 2 teachers are vegans, mainly for animal rights! She even gave her class flyers about cruelty in factory farming. I believe seniors also watch a documentary in Government class, as well. My friend who is a senior (and eats meat) "went vegetarian" for a month after watching that video. That doesn't make sense to me.

    And oo nice! :D Barnes and Noble is a very chill place. ^ ^
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