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  • No, it's fine! I appreciate it! :)

    I'm looking around to buy an organic lotion, because Bath and Body Works lotion is really bad. >.< I should've stopped using it years ago. It's not tested on animals, but this stuff is full of chemicals! Oh no problem! I've been eating beetroot since I was a kid. I used to like pickled ones! XD The pickled ones are a nostalgic thing for me, just like dinosaur candy oatmeal! I pretty much stopped talking to my friends about health, I think they get annoyed when I do. If they don't really care about their health, it's not my job to make them care, I guess. I even told them about the conditions the poor animals are kept in...won't change them.

    I know how you feel!!!! I don't understand why it's a big deal to not eat meat! Even my doctor bothers me about eating meat. She thinks she can tell me whatever, mainly because my family has known her for a long time. -_- I think I've shown my parents a few undercover videos and they just say "I don't want to see..." It's like they can't grasp the fact that the meat they are eating was a tortured animal. Oh yes! I've watched Earthlings over the summer. I frickin cried my eyes out...especially at the part of kill-animal shelters...it was so painful..

    I do respect my parents..but not when they try to tell me how to live my life. I'm not a bad person, I don't do anything bad(80% of my school has gotten worse over the years)..so I deserve respect from them, as well. You know how they say to respect the elderly? What if that elderly person was a racist? I certainly would not have an inch of respect for him/her. So sorry if I'm digressing...but there's also this really mean lunch lady. I wonder how she still has her job, she yells at everyone like she owns the school!

    We're opposites when it comes to how we would react to someone bothersome. xD Random question! :D Does your husband cook, too?
    Whoops! I have no idea why I didn't see your vm sooner! Yup, coconut/olive oil really helps me! I put it on 30 minutes before washing my hair with organic shampoo and my hair becomes moisturized! By the way, do you use an organic lotion? If so, please lead me to it! I've been looking for a good organic lotion for a few weeks now.

    Ooo then you need to try some beetroot! It has a maroon/dark magenta color and it's packed with antioxidants, vitamin k, potassium, and also a tiny bit of iron! Actually, I know what I want to say to them. It's just that..they don't really listen to me. :/ See, my school is around 10 minutes away from a Mcdonalds, so many students in 12th grade go there and eat. Two of my friends pretty much go there 3 times a week now! Whether it'd be for a sandwich or an iced coffee...
    My best friend(this is a different friend) pretty much eats fast food pretty much every week; her parents don't really cook. I don't think I have any friends who actually care about their health, it's just sad. :(
    By the way, I snapped at my parents today. I came home in a good mood and they ruined my mood by deliberately asking me if I want meat. I'm going to be on a silence strike for a while now.
    You know what's funny? My mom and I were talking about the benefits of coconut oil just yesterday! XD A lot of people(including my mom) like to use it on their hair. The smell of coconut oil is strong, so that's why I don't use it much. I use olive oil on my hair and also for cooking, though! :) Do you like beetroot? It's such a powerful vegetable! By the way, would it be okay with you if I could tell you about my friends and their fast food habits? I really want to tell them something, but they probably wouldn't listen to me.
    I like to watch anime

    The only anime I watched was Pokemon, though I'll be trying to watch Puella Madi Madoca Magica[or something like that anyway :D ]
    I like to make music remixes, inserting them into a FireRed ROM, then recording them. I also like to ROM Hack. But I can't showcase my hack here...

    Anyway, is there anything you are doing at the moment?
    Good idea! Once I turn 16...

    I'm a grammar nazi because I like correcting other people's grammar.
    Is there anything you like to do?
    Yup yup! :D Oh yeah, I forgot about olive oil! Do you use coconut oil the same way you would use olive oil? I have coconut oil, but I don't like the taste of it. xD Do you eat daal, chickpeas, or other type of lentils? They are how I get my protein and iron for the day! Not only do they have protein and iron, they have fiber and help reduce blood pressure! :) Oh and thanks for the links! I'll check them after I finish some homework! :)
    Make a convincing argument
    Nah, it won't work.

    Spellcheck allows you to check a word's spelling. And for a grammar nazi, spelling and grammar are important.
    But if sugar isn't good in any form, what about natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables? Sugars found in junk food is a different story, I know. XD The pancreas produces glucagon when blood sugar is too low, so this would mean that the body does need sugars, natural sugars. It would be hard for me to not consume (basmati) rice, especially because I'm Indian. xD I've seen Mercola's website a few days ago when I was reading up on a few things. Avocados have good fats, as well! I haven't eaten coconut in a long time, sadly. I miss the taste so much! We tried buying a few, but they were rotten! >.< Oh and thanks for the tip about chia seeds! I've heard really good things, but I have yet to get them! XD I think I'll pick a bag up the next time I go Trader Joe's!
    Where do I find FC's on my DS?
    Also, Nintendo's shutting down the DS server in May, so I don't think we'll get to trade :/
    Yeah, no problem! I'm actually glad I have someone to talk to about health! :) None of my friends in real life really care about their health and it's really saddens me... :(
    Sure, I'd be interested! I read your quote response and I was wondering, what is your daily diet? I'm a vegetarian, but I only buy milk and eggs from a small local farm that does not kill any of its animals(it's mainly to educate children.) I worry every single day if I"m getting my daily needed amount of vitamins, calories, and protein, because I'm a little underweight (actually, even when I wasn't a vegetarian, I still didn't weigh much.) A lot of people, including my own parents, really don't understand why I'm a vegetarian, but I don't care about what they think. I don't trust the FDA. It took *this long* to get rid of trans fats and they still haven't gotten rid of aspartame, the deadly artificial sweetener!
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