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  • I never got to play the Game Cub one though I would've loved to >w<

    And yeah, I remember when I found out I spent days trying to get as much info on the games as I could even if they were japan only. Too bad the games weren't even that well known even in japan.
    Same here! Thanx a lot for the item! And I guarantee, it going to be put to use~! Hoo-Ahh!
    No problem at out, so anyways~
    Considering were both no rite now, why don't we trade? (rite now)
    Srry~ Was gone for the weekend~

    I'll be very active for the next few days so just me a notice again and we can get the trade going! (I'll try to respond as fast as I can) (And that's of course if you still want the Carvhanna)
    Again srry for the inconvenience~
    Haha, thanks! I love Fosters. It was a really good cartoon show. I think I might keep this theme for a while. I like it!

    Also, added you back, friend! :D
    I might breed the Bulbasaur, but I do plan on keeping Scraggy! I love gifts users give me. ^^

    And I'm glad. x)
    Sure, I don't mind naming it Dolce. x)

    And alrighty, either way I did plan on letting you know before hand. :)

    Mhm I agree with that entirely!
    Alright I'll work on it tonight along with my other breeding jobs. x) And how about a Bulbasaur then?

    And I have pretty much the same line of thought, albeit I'm not fond of overly obvious hacks like a Charizard with surf. :p
    You can if you hack the ball, cause I actually have one myself. xD Though it was a gift from another user.

    If your okay with hacked mons I'll breed you one if you want? :)
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