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  • I happened to be breeding them so no problem. :)

    And a heavy ball, I got the mom from my HG and bred her on X.
    Oh I'll hop on now then, and stay on for awhile so you can catch me whenever really. :)
    Oh and here I was under the impression that you did. xD

    But a Scraggy would be cool!
    Well as long you pass I personally don't see a problem with it. xD Though all my finals are actually drawings so I don't have much studying to do really.

    Oh you still have Pokemon then? o.o
    Eh I tend to get busy when the finals for my online classes roll around. xD;
    Oh yeah I wanted to say sorry for not replying to your PM, my week was hectic. But it was nice of you. :)

    But anyways, I like the avatar you have now. xD
    Do not challenge my stick-figure skills. I'm a master at those! :p

    And I appreciate the compliment. I'm not really sure if I'm that good, but people seem to like it, so I guess I'm doing something right. lol
    I was just about to say the same thing about your avatar! :D

    But thanks! I found it on tumblr, and I thought it was awesome. Clicking it will take you to the page where I found it (no, I did not draw it. I WISH I were that talented in visual arts xD).
    D:. It should just be listed with avy changing, didn't even realise that button was there. The layout of this site is pretty clunky

    I have no idea where it's located, I've looked everywhere I can think xD took me forever to find where you change your avatar
    Hey, it's been a while! Wait, weren't we friends? Anyways, sending FR.
    looks like you are up for the games again! Welp, good luck.
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